Cravings for unhealthy food

Eating is a time to nourish and nurture, not just the mind but also the body. Just check , is there anything else we are doing while eating? Sometimes we are busy scrolling messages on the phone, watching television, playing a game, or engaged in conversation. This leads to unaware eating, means we might be not aware of what we are consuming and how much we are consuming, because our mind is not focussed on eating, rather eating is just something that’s happening on the side. Unaware eating doesn’t give you insight of what you are eating, how much you are eating and in what state of mind you are eating.

Overcoming addictions, taste, dependencies on social pressure (Someone offers you and you consume it)and eating with the right energy is all it takes. It is a matter of just few days.

The daughter asked the father about his food intake one day. The whole family knew he was a bit mindless about his food. He tended to call for food and then gobble it up between work schedules. Half the time he didn’t even remember what he ate!

So, she asked. And he had to search his memory, and he failed yet again. She prodded a bit and then he remembered his breakfast. Oats, milk and fruit. Then he remembered his lunch that was a sandwich, some fries and maybe a shake. Then, at 4 pm, he thought he had a double cream latte. In the evening, he was at a business dinner and he vaguely remembered some Pasta and some fries. He apologized to the daughter. He said that he was too busy with his business deal and he couldn’t remember anymore.

She grimaced. Here was a man in the prime of his life and he had erratic eating schedules, mindless eating, binges and over-eating of unhealthy stuff. He was ruining his health.

Create healthy eating habits and stick to them, do not give in to temptations or pressures to over-eat.

Mealtime needs to be a sacred ritual, but today most of us eat mindlessly and in the middle of distractions. This takes away an awareness of our eating experience, our thoughts or our feelings. It is also leading to over-eating. Food consumed this way is harming us rather than nourishing us the way it should. She had to do something about it.

Pay attention to when, what and how much to eat. Overcome dependencies on taste, temptations, moods and pressures.

She made a schedule. Spoke to him about how eating should not be out of addictions, pressures, temptations or emotional needs. He was to practice mindful eating – listening to his body signals of when to eat and how much to eat. Once he paid attention to his hunger and satiety signals, it would be easy to avoid overeating.

Practice mindful eating. Avoid distractions and be aware of your thoughts at mealtime.

Like him, you can also create your own healthy eating patterns and stick to them. Remind yourself, “I focus on every bite of food. I eat healthy and a balanced diet. I do not overeat.”

The man reduced 14 kgs weight just through mindful eating in the next year. Then, he got into the gym habit. His daughter is a proud young lady!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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