Create Your Self-Image

“Create your self image daily using colours of love, acceptance and compassion.”

People around us can hugely influence our self image. People’s opinion about us could be negative, based on their own perceptions. It’s important that our self image is created based on our understanding of the self.

  1. Make sure your idea of the self is not borrowed from the opinions of others. People perceive you through the filters of their own personality – filters of criticism, anger or jealousy. It is risky to use such biased opinions to create your self-image.
  2. Take advice from people if needed but know your value. Someone who is outgoing may find you an introvert. Someone who is short-tempered may find you timid. They view you in reference to their nature. If you believe you are an introvert or timid because of their opinion, then you do not know yourself.
  3. Meditate daily to create a beautiful self-relationship, to see your original qualities of peace and happiness. This daily energising keeps your self-image positive.
  4. What people think about you is not important. What do you think about yourself means everything. Use only positive and powerful thoughts and words about yourself. Don’t compare or criticize yourself. Love yourself.

Self Image – The Story

The lawyer had just won his first big case. He was on a roll. Every party in town had to have him. Political groups came forward to invite him to their seminars. Ladies groups called him over as a speaker. He was a star.

But, sometimes, being a star has its own demerits. The wrong kind of people with agenda on their minds wanted his time. He succumbed to those temptations and a coterie was born around the lawyer. They said yes to everything that he came up with. They waxed eloquent about his adventures in front of him. He believed the lies. He believed that he had done all of what they were telling. His self image became a product of people’s opinion.

Then, disaster struck in the form of an insurance claim case. He lost and his lackadaisical work became public news. He lost all his friends. It’s when his wife told that since he had lost everything, it was important that he start afresh with a new self-image that wasn’t dependent on opinion.

Your idea of self is not borrowed from the opinion of others.

Your self – image is created through your personality and your work. People perceive you through the filters of their own personality, of criticism, of anger, of flattery or even jealousy. Don’t take all those seriously. Build your own image with your own thoughts.

Know your own value and take advice from others only when needed.

As soon as you ask people, they will come up with adjectives that are more them and less you. So, do not waste much time getting others to tell you about yourself. Utilise that time in creating your best image.

Meditate and create a wonderful self-relationship.

Converse with your inner self through meditation. Use your energy and power to develop yourself. Do it daily and thereby keep the energy going for a wonderful self-image.

Use positive and powerful words for yourself. Give yourself a respectable identity. Remind yourself that only you can give yourself a position and pedestal that can serve you the best in the future.

The lawyer delved into his own abilities and dug out a new and honest self-image. He took up the right cases and ensured his clients got what they wanted. Of course, over the next few months, the successes arrived back. Only, the entourage was discouraged.

Let’s revise our affirmations to Create a beautiful self image

I am happy being.

I know the habits which need to be changed.

I meditate daily.

I connect to my innate qualities.

I use the colours of my values to create my self image.

People have different opinions about me. I correct if needed.

I value myself for who I am, not for how people are with me. They represent their self image.

I am untouched by their energies.

My self image is pure and powerful.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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