Awaken The Creative Genius Within You

“Hone your creativity by nurturing your mind and giving it space to generate fresh thoughts – To awaken the creative genius within you.”

We often find ourselves saying, “I am not a creative person, I cannot think of new ideas.” The truth is we all have creative abilities, but we are not tapping into it fully. If we care for our mind the right way, it can flood us with creative ideas and possibilities all the time.

  1. Thoughts are the basis of your words and actions. Creativity implies you develop new ways of thinking, which help you choose right responses – choices, decisions, actions and interactions.
  2. Meditate every morning to silence your mind. Study spiritual knowledge to implant seeds of new ways of thinking into your subconscious mind. Thereafter your thoughts are created out of your innate wisdom not external influences.
  3. Whether it is a task on hand or a relationship or a health issue, practice the pause. In every scene connect with your wisdom to get a perfect response or solution.
  4. The basic energy of creativity is power. When you are creative you will remain stable even if situations are challenging or people’s behaviour is not right. Even if you react in a scene, sit back, reflect and visualise yourself doing it a different way in the future. Emerge your creativity.

Creative Genius – The Story

The director of the company was furious in the morning meeting. He asked the assembled managers why their creativity had been lacking for quite sometime. They managers had no answer. The director fretted and fumed. The negative aura in the room just multiplied.

A new Senior Manager saw all this happen and stood up. He asked if he could do a workshop for a few days in office and try to bring about a small change. The director looked at him and ruefully assented.

The next day when everyone came to office they saw balloons, festoons, funny messages, lots of balls, board games, rubik cubes and music boxes strewn across the tables. An impromptu rapid chess tournament was organised very early in the morning and by 11.30 am there was a chess champion in the office. In the meanwhile, a rubik cube competition happened too and it had a champion too. Amazingly, that employee completed the cube in three minutes and that was pretty neat.

Over the next three days, the activities continued and there were new winners each day. The entire unit’s morale was uplifted. Everyone had come out of their mundane ways of thinking. They discovered they were all equally gifted with creative thinking abilities!

Develop new ways of thinking as thought is the basis of all words and actions in life.

Creativity implies that you develop new ways of thinking. They said “out of the box”. They now say “there is no box”. So keep your mind unshackled and look at problems creatively. The Senior Manager just approached the company problems from a different route.

Right thoughts are created when your mind is peaceful and filled with wisdom.

We have to care for our mind. Nourish it. Meditation is the best way. Reading a passage of spiritual text or empowering messages is the best diet for the mind. Thereafter thoughts will be created from this pure information or wisdom filled in your mind. There will be no negative or unwanted thoughts. You will get to do what you think should be done. That’s a great place to be in. The Senior Manager was a meditator and spiritually inclined. He had just struck gold with a new thought.

Visualise the issue from different perspectives to increase creative thinking.

Creative visualisation is a useful skill to master. Where you can see into the future and know how, when and where things can occur in the best manner possible. A clear mind will be able to think through the same situation across multiple perspectives, weigh pros and cons and take decision.

Creative Genius – The affirmations to activate our creative energy –

I am a wise being.
I create my every feeling.
I consciously create a new response.
I am creative.
I use my innate qualities of compassion, acceptance and wisdom to respond to people and situations.
Any issue to be resolved. I spent time in silence.
My intuitions gives me new ideas.
My thoughts are fresh, pure.
Creativity is my nature.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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