Emotional Wellness For Physical Health

“Clear toxic emotions daily. Your perfect emotional health will manifest into perfect physical health.” – Work over your emotional wellness.

When it comes to healing, we focus on the physical aspect of the illness. We also need to clear our emotional blockages for total wellness.

  1. Meditate every morning to connect to god, take it’s powers and love, and heal your blockages. Visualise sending vibrations of god’s love to clear blockages in your mind and body. Repeat thoughts like – “My. blood pressure , cholesterol is normal.” to heal the body.
  2. While working the entire day, be easy in order to radiate peace and health. Your thoughts and vibrations create a subtle energy body. Medications treat the physical illness, but only a peaceful mind will create a healthy, energy body.
  3. Your every thought is a message to your body, and the body responds accordingly. So, get rid of toxic thoughts about yourself, other people or the past. Release guilt, blame and judgement. Forgive people and let go.
  4. Accept people and situations. Release any pain or resentment you have accumulated because of unmet expectations. Otherwise these emotions shift your mind from time natural state of ease. The ‘dis’-ease of the mind manifests into diseases into the body.

Emotional Wellness – The Story

The mother came out of her bedroom and showed her middle aged son that she’s not able to swallow properly. She’s having a pain at the left side of her throat. He grunted and called up their doctor who immediately prescribed a capsule. Even before the capsule arrived, the mother was visibly happier.

The son knew his mother wasn’t physically afflicted. It was her emotional blockages.

The next week, she was back. This time it was something on the left side of her stomach. It seems it was a curious pain that came and went. Especially, at night. The son again grunted and called up the doctor. The doctor laughed and prescribed a capsule. They both knew the real problem.

But how were they to address it?

The son called up a family friend who was doing very well even though he was 68 years in age. He cooked, cleaned, went to work with an NGO and took care of a lot of street dogs. A happy man, he would have the right answers.

He had.

Clear the blockages in mind and body through meditation.

You meditate to connect with God, his love, his powers and his understanding. You achieve the same love, powers and understanding. You see the larger picture. Your own physical ailments are forgotten because of the vibrations you receive. What’s forgotten isn’t there anymore.

A peaceful mind creates a healthy and energetic body.

It’s a mind and body temple. It’s interlinked. Work through the entire day but allow your radiations to permeate peace. The peace that you achieved through your morning meditation. The physical illness is cured or kept away. It’s like antibodies in you. They fight the ailments automatically.

Get rid of toxic thoughts about yourself, other people or the past.

Stay with the present. Stay with the peace. Release guilt, blame or judgement. Forgive people and let go. Instead, look to develop your work in the present. Involve yourself and spend your energy just with it. Your inner appreciation for yourself and a day well spent will cure you of everything.

Accept people and situations. Release all resentment. Remind yourself that all emotional baggage is a form of disease. It manifests within. So, retain your peace and make the most of your day.

The son slowly brought his mother into this routine. She’s doing well. He believes she can still change and that’s a good thing!

Let’s revise our affirmations for Emotional wellness

I am a blissful being.

I create a healthy body.

I meditate daily.

I exercise daily.

I ear and drink what is right for me.

I love my body.

I release emotional blockages of past, hurt, guilt, failure.

I radiate love to every cell of my body. People’s behaviours and opinion about me do not influence me. I respect myself

I create affirmations of health.

I vsualise my body perfect and healthy.

I am always happy and healthy.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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