How to Reconnect with Friends

“Let go of past differences and renew friendships with love and care.” – Don’t let your precious friends fade away.

We have all shared good times with friends. But owing to certain words or behaviours, we drifted away from few friends. It’s time to reconnect with them.

  1. Visualise any friendship that now seems to have faded. You may be in contact, but not truly connected. Check your thoughts about the other person, for any expectation, rejection or hurt. Negative thoughts can uproot the foundation of relationships.
  2. It does not need two people to heal a friendship, it needs just one – Be the one. Your opinions and behaviours are different. But deep within, you know they have good intentions for you. Their words or actions may have seemed questionable but not their intentions.
  3. Meditate daily to heal your hurt. Clean your thoughts about them. For the next few days radiate these thoughts to them – “ I apologise for anything I did which troubled you. I forgive you for what you did. Our relationship stands on the strong foundation of love and trust.”
  4. Radiate these pure thoughts of healing daily to them daily. When the mind is healed it radiates unconditional acceptance. You will not need people to be your way. Soon you will see energy blockages clear and beautiful friendships flourish.

Friends – The Story

She had known about the Krishna – Sudama story from her childhood. He was her next door neighbour and right through school they used to term themselves as the Krishna – Sudama band. It was a deep friendship bond. He used to confide in her. She used to argue with him freely and life was a riot.

Beyond college, he took up a research role far away from home and had to go. She had become a doctor and had to study for nearly eight years to get her MD. It took most of her time and space. But they met when he came home for the holidays to meet his parents.

In one such meeting, he informed her that he was seeing a girl where he lived and he intended to marry her. He thought she was happy for him. He left.

But then the communication from her stopped. He did not spot the lack of communication for a few months, taken up by his own work and a new relationship. The marriage was scheduled and he called her. She didn’t pick up and he was concerned. He mailed her. She didn’t answer. He went back home and his father told him that she married hurriedly and left for a distant country.

He was despondent. What had gone wrong? He decided to rectify it.

Visualise the friendship and check your own thoughts about the bond.

You must feel good about the bond. You must miss that bond. Then check if you have been unfair with expectations, rejection or hurt. The man tried to find if she would have been feeling hurt with his marrying someone else.

It needs only one to correct a relationship in friendship.

That one is you. Be the One. Your opinions or behaviour might be different. But, you know each of you would wish well of the other. The intentions will always be pure. So, just heal the part you can heal. The man did just that. He mailed her again. Expressing his heart. Strengthen your inner being to make the foundation of love stronger.

Meditation helps in the purity of your heart and soul. Your true thoughts would then radiate. Love and trust would be back. The man had his answer a few days later. She had responded. She hadn’t understood how dearly she loved him as a friend. She was angry that he had met another lady. So, she had withdrawn. But she was over it and could recommence her friendship with him.

That was unconditional acceptance. They both reminded themselves that they had a unique bond going and that was pure. They could live a life full of happiness if they kept at their friendship with mindfulness. Away from the rigours of the past.

The spouses understood over time that the two friends were best with each other when they met. She counselled him on exercise and clean living. He calculated her taxes. They are living a fulfilling life!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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