Happy IN-Dependent Life

“You are the creator of your feelings and behaviours, independent of people and situations.” – Live a Independent life.

We all seek freedom in terms of my own house, own room, own money. But we cannot claim to be independent unless we experience emotional freedom. IN-Dependence means to be dependent only on the ‘inside’. Dependent only on yourself.

  1. Check if your mind wants to be happy, but is unhappy because of someone. If you want to speak softly, but you use impolite words because of someone. If you intend to be courteous, but behave rudely because of someone. Then there is no emotional freedom.
  2. Meditate every morning to strengthen your mind and intellect. Everything you need is within you – wisdom to take right decisions, power to overcome challenges, values to live right and qualities to achieve goals. Be dependent only on ‘I’.
  3. Follow Lifestyle disciplines of right eating, drinking, sleeping habits to increase willingness. When the mind overcomes dependencies, you will have more power to choose how to think, speak and behave.
  4. Choose one habit from which you want freedom. Work with 100% focus for a month. Trust yourself and liberate yourself from your habit.
  5. You are not a slave. You are IN-Dependent, dependent only on yourself.

Independent Life : The Story

The young teacher sat with his students after they had unfurled the flag of the nation. They had all saluted and sang the national anthem. They had felt proud looking at the unfurling flag. But they did not relate to the aura the flag provided in their lives. The aura of a free and strong democracy.

The young teacher explained the freedom struggle in short bursts. Then he said that they were free on the outside and the next big step was to be free on the inside.

The students were confused. What’s it, they asked? Well, to be free inside is to be free from envy, jealousy, needs, insecurities and bad habits.

The true independence was being “in” dependence. They smiled at the artful way the word was reused but they listened to the teacher.

We all seek freedom in terms of own house, own room, own money. But we cannot claim to be independent unless we experience emotional freedom. Independence means to be dependent only on the one inside.

Coach your mind to be independent and do it’s bidding than be influenced by external forces.

Your mind may want to be happy but someone makes it unhappy. You may want to speak softly but someone irritates you and you lose it. You may want to laugh but someone forbidding makes you think otherwise. You are not really independent. So, change. Build a stronger mind to do just what your inner being tells you to do.

Build a strong inner being through meditation.

Everything is within you. The ability to take right decisions, the wisdom in interactions, the power to influence people and overcome challenges, values to live right and qualities to achieve goals. Just keep building the person within. Brick by brick. Fatten the moral fibre.

Follow the discipline of a lifestyle that contributes to you.

Right eating, drinking, sleeping and moral habits contribute to you. They do not take away anything. Your mind overcomes dependencies. You get more out of life everyday. You are independent. You aren’t a slave.

Choose one habit. Focus totally for a month and get rid of that habit. Trust yourself and liberate yourself from it. Remind yourself that it is you who will be the largest beneficiary of this inner independence.

The young men went back to their homes. They sincerely started on the discipline as asked by their teacher. Many years later, successful men across continents leading many corporations and groups still remember their teacher.

Let us revise our affirmations to live emotionally independent life –

I am a powerful being.

I am the master of my mind.

I am the master of my sense organs.

I am untouched by outer energies.

I am independent of the situation.

I am independent of people’s behaviours.

Media and social media will offer content. I choose to consume pure and positive content.

I used to eat and drink a high vibration diet.

I am independent of what I eat and drink.

I am emotionally independent.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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