How To Bring Your Best Version Into Action?

“Integrate your values with your personality to bring your best version into actions.”

We hear that success has no shortcuts. But we also find people around us compromising on their values and morals to be successful. If we don’t take care, we also tend to behave in a certain way that goes against our core values.

  1. Standing up for what is right and upholding values even in difficult circumstances comes naturally with spiritual empowerment. Meditate daily to emerge your core values of peace, love and purity. It strengthens you to increase your spectrum of values and use them consistently.
  2. In everything that you do, set milestones and give your best. Create a compass of values and use this compass to direct your life. Each time you need to take a decision, the parameter should be values, not outward gains.
  3. Resist temptations to use shortcuts to get there faster. In wanting to go ahead of others, principles and ethics can get may achieve in the outer world, but you will deplete in your inner world of emotional health and contentment.
  4. When you use your values, you shift from – stress to happiness, expectation to acceptance, competition to co-operation, pleasing people to personal integrity and desires to contentment.

Bring your best version into actions – The Story.

The father kept talking about values. Family values, to be precise. But he kept doing small time corruption at work, hiding his taxes, cheat people out of their money in his business and generally be sleazy all through the day.

But, at the dining table, he insisted on speaking about values and value system. The son found it ludicrous and funny, if it weren’t so sad. He kept his counsel and didn’t utter words that his father wouldn’t like. That would result in loud arguments. He knew from experience.

He asked his granduncle one day when he visited him on an errand.

“What are our values?” He asked.

The granduncle took a deep breath and considered the question of the young man. He was aware of his nephew’s business exploits and his cheating ways. He was aware where this question was coming from.

He said that values and value systems are too large to a subject to be tackled at one go. He said that they should consider the universal values of goodness as the first set of values that one should have – love, compassion, patience, honour, tolerance, free-willed, kindness and humaneness.

Then, they should develop as they go seeing better people and learning as they go.

Standing up for what is right and upholding values even in trying circumstances.

Things may not be always in your favour. But to keep your value system intact and negotiate your way through the situation is the mark of a good man. Meditation and spiritual knowledge obviously help. It strengthens and purifies you everyday, renews you to receive and give the good.

Create your moral compass and be driven by that.

You need to set up moral milestones and give your best to achieve them. Drive towards achieving values and not material gains. Those then will be true achievements.

Use your values to move from expectations to acceptance.

Move from stress to happiness. Move from failure to success. From competition to cooperation. Your mind will slowly move from expectations to acceptance of people and situations around you. This is a value system that you will need to drive towards.

Resist the temptation to take shortcuts. You cannot get acceptance or reward by those shortcuts. Monetary rewards will go away as quickly as they came. Remind yourself that your purity and your spirituality shall be defined by your values only. Not by any other yardstick.

The son started the hard climb of developing his own value system away from his father. He teaches in a school, makes children happy and is trying to build a microsatellite with the kids. They are very excited to go to school everyday.

Let’s revise our affirmations to bring your best version into action

I am a wise being.

I meditate every morning.

I merge my values of purity, peace, happiness, love, power.

These values are my personality.

Situations may be simple or challenging.

People may be nice to me or not.

My feelings and behaviour are based only on my values.

I hold on to my values always.

Achievements, fame, profit are important to me, but my priority is my values.

My values are my success. My contentment.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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