How To Decode Personality?

“Know what makes you who you are, so that you can understand what makes other people who they are.” – Decode personality.

Often, we find our self and unsure about our emotions, behaviours and habits.

  1. Remember the inner dynamics: Your every THOUGHT creates a FEELING. Feelings over a period develop your ATTITUDE. Attitude comes into ACTION. An action done repeatedly becomes your HABIT. All your habits put together develop your PERSONALITY.
  2. Your personality is a bundle of five types of traits or characteristics. First type is the traits you carried from your past lifetimes. Second set are what you inherited from your family. Third a due to environmental influence. Fourth set of traits are created out of your own will power. And the fifth set are your original qualities of purity, peace, happiness, wisdom, power, love and bliss.
  3. Identify aspects of your personality that you want to change. Any trait which increases your inner power is beneficial, otherwise you need to change it, even if you have become comfortable living with it.
  4. Aim to activate and use the fifth set of traits always – your complete purity, absolute happiness and unconditional love – in every scene of life.

Decode personality – The Story

The young man passed out of a premium management college and decided to take a break from the rat race to explore the world. He had read somewhere that travels and exploration broadens the mind. New cultures bring in new adaptations. He did not take up the job offered on campus and set off for the mountains.

His family legacy of being material driven, money dripping, had to be banished forever. The mountains and the hardships he underwent took away all these family traits.

On the other side of the mountains were these simple people who were hard at work on their fields, their handicrafts and with their animal farms. The young man joined them and learnt the magic of hard work and the peace that work with hands achieved. He was no longer afraid of what life could throw at him. He learnt trades and crafts. He grew tougher each passing day. He formed new habits.

Six months later, he came back home, a more silent man, a man more spiritual, more amiable and with sparse needs. He was ready for the world.

Use your inner dynamics to grow as an individual.

Your thoughts create feelings. Feelings bring about or develop an attitude. Attitude comes into action. An action done repeatedly becomes a habit. These habits develop a personality. He changed his inner dynamics to become a new individual, away from his family traits.

Five traits or characteristics make your personality.

Look closely at the young man. You will see that the first type are traits that he carried from past lifetimes, his ancestral ones. Then the second set are what he has inherited from his family. The third are what he had gotten because of environmental influence. The fourth set is what he gained because of his own will power. The fifth set are his own original qualities of purity, peace, happiness, wisdom, power, love and bliss. He brought forth the fourth and fifth traits to the fore due to his travels.

Aim to activate the fifth set of traits fully.

The young man did it through the six months of living and travelling as he did. You will have your own way of activating complete purity, your happiness and your unconditional love, everywhere and everyday in your life.

If you do feel that you need to change any of the set of traits, all you have to do is seek out the young man in you and remind yourself, it is never too late to change my personality traits. Anytime is a good time. Any place is a good place.

The young man became one of the doyens of management and technology in the whole world. Numerous books and films were created on his life. His confidence and abilities are revered today.

Let’s revise our affirmations to review how to decode personality –

I am a wise being.

I carry many different personality traits which influence my emotions behaviour and habits.

I carry some personality traits from the past.

Some traits are created due to parent and family influence.

Some habits I absorbed from the environment.

I can change any habit however old or strong it may be.

I carry my original personality traits of purity, peace, happiness, love, power, wisdom and bliss.

I bring these traits into my every thought, word and behaviour.

This is my original personality.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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