How To Make Great Decisions?

“Take great decisions as per your capacity and qualities, not based on what other people approve.”

We wish to take accurate decisions, but sometimes there are multiple options. We need a clear mind and a strong intellect to decide well.

  1. You are a wise being and you know what is right for you. People give decision according to their capacity and perspectives. But your decision must be according to your personality. You will then give your best to implement it and take responsibility for its consequences.
  2. Meditate and study spiritual knowledge daily to clear your mind. Surrender to your intuition. Have faith that you will be touched by the right option.
  3. When you take right decisions in daily scenes, your intellect gets tuned to give right decisions in life-changing matters like health, career or family. You will start deciding based on what is beneficial not just today but what is beneficial over long-term.
  4. Implement decision which are right, not which are easy. If someone is not right to you , check your choices. They are disturbed but you are fine. Compassion and kindness are your nature. So, decide respond with love. This may not be easy, but it is right for your mind, body and relationships.

Great decisions – The Story

The officer had to run the administration in the town. The town had flooded. The weather forecast was alarming. The water was not going to recede. The disaster management people were called in, but they would take some time to come.

In the meanwhile, numerous tasks had to be commenced. The barrages had to be slowly lifted so that the dam waters could start to flow away. The fresh water basins had to be saved and stocked. The roads had to made pliable. So that the disaster management teams could come in and work. The electricity poles and towers had to be cordoned off and ensured that the wires did not touch the water.

The people had to be communicated with. The right instructions had to be thought out and written so that there was no dichotomy in communication.

He was a young man. Only 28. A fresher out of the administrative college. This was his first posting to any district. Either he could fail or be a hero. He decided to adopt his basic tenets in right decision making.

Use your wise ways and personality to influence your decision making.

He had his own intellect and inner standards. It was time to bring all of that to the fore and do what’s responsible. Then give his best to implement what he has thought out, taking responsibility for the consequences too.

Use your inner strength to touch upon intuition and therefore the right options.

Inner strength usually comes from spiritual knowledge and meditation. Luckily, he practiced. So, he could position his mind and body for the best options and thereby, the best outcome of his decisions.

You make decisions that are beneficial over the long term rather than stop gap decisions.

His intellect starts working at another level. So, he is able to see far into the future and is able to take decisions that influence many departments, divisions and town activities in a major way for the future too. Even after the flood has receded.

He starts to implement decisions which are right. Not the ones that are easy to do. He goes on to do things that bear love and compassion for the townspeople. He wins their belief. He reminds himself that he is in service and the right decision making enables his service to be in perspective, long lasting and ground-breaking.

The officer is feted for his work. He goes onto larger things in the administrative service. But the town remembers him and has a song in his name!

Let us revise our affirmations to take great decisions

I am a wise being.

I am responsible for my decisions.

I am responsible for the consequences of my decisions.

At every moment life offers a scene to me. I choose how to respond.

My decision is based on my values of peace, love, compassion.

I meditate every morning.

I activate my intuition for taking important decisions.

My decision is beneficial for me and people around me.

I am a powerful being.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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