How To Overcome Any Addiction

“I am a master of my mind and body, I nurture them with healthy choices and food habits.” – Overcome any addiction.

Sometimes we become dependent on certain unhealthy substances and then reinforce the craving by saying that “I cannot give it up, I am addicted to it.”

  1. Identify any substances that you have been dependent on. Any addiction is more to do with our thoughts and less to do with the substance itself. We created a dependency by repeatedly consuming it. We have the power to change it.
  2. You are the creator of your emotions and you do not need substances to feel particular way. Never say “This gives my happiness, I cannot live with our this.” These thoughts deplete your will power and deepen your addiction.
  3. Delete the word addiction from your vocabulary to remove it from your mind. Even if it is as simple as a morning cup of tea, say “I have my morning cup of tea, but not addicted to my morning cup of tea.” Your body is not dependent on any substances, it is your mind which craves for things.
  4. Meditate every morning and visualise yourself independent of any unhealthy habit. When the mind is powerful and happy it does not need a substance to feel good.

Let us listen and revise our affirmations – Overcome any Addiction


Overcome any addiction – The Story

The man had survived the worst. But his body had taken a huge beating. He was frail and sickly in shape. His bones had become brittle and he couldn’t maintain an erect pose. It could be a long haul to health, as anyone could see.

His family wondered how did it all happen as they wheeled him out of the rehab centre.

He was an only son. They had sent him to study in a college that specialises in microbiology. He wanted to become a specialist and work with plants in the future. Noble thought. But since he was a wee bit spoilt during his childhood, he longed for his mother’s care. That didn’t happen. Drugs came along as a respite.

It went all downhill then. There was no one to counsel. He couldn’t develop a regimen that could have said no to drugs. The result was there to see.

Overcome any addiction

He lost friends and relatives by the dozen. They couldn’t keep up with his moods or his fund requirements. He lost semesters. Nearly had to drop out. Only that, the college was kind enough to hold a seat for him when he recovered.

As he recovered at home, he set out on a new regimen and decided to overcome all his addictions in a complete manner.

Addictions have more to do with our thoughts.

Do not let the thoughts go towards the addiction. Keep busy. Keep your thoughts to positive and use your energy to develop the positive aura around you. Your room, your food and your people are a part of this aura.

Addictive thoughts deplete your willpower.

Remove all addictive thoughts. If you are stressed and need a reliever, start a meditation regime and feel the power being harnessed within you by your inner self. This strength is very powerful. It creates positive emotions. That keeps all addiction thoughts away.

You can do without something.

If you need something to consume everyday, it is addictive. Chocolate, coffee, tea, pharmaceutical products, drugs or nicotine. If you choose to keep them aside, you aren’t addicted. Make that important choice of doing without something.

Your body actually does not need all these things. Remind yourself that with your meditation regime, you don’t need anything more to be powerful and peaceful. If your mind requires such things, deflect those thoughts with occupation.

The man succeeded in his regime. It took months but he healed. He ate well. He slept well. He got back to his studies and a decade later, actually is a microbiologist with a genome development startup.

Let us revise our affirmations – Overcome any addiction.

I am a powerful being.

I lead a disciplined life.

my mind follows my instructions.

my body accepts my decision.

I eat and drink only that which is healthy.

I choose a high vibration, high nutrition diet.

I decide. My mind and body follow my decision.

People around me consume what they believe is right.

I live with them. I follow my diet choices.

I discipline my mind. I am successful always.

Start your day on a positive note.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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