How To Transform People’s Energy?

“Be an energy transformer, convert negativity from people and spread good vibes.” – Transform Energy.

Our every thought, word and action are energy that we radiate to others. Throughout the day, people send us their energy and we respond with ours. At times when someone is wrong or dominating, we are unsure how to respond.

  1. Remember that people send you whatever energy thay decide to, based on their mood, perception, prejudice or their nature. It has nothing to do with you. Live with an awareness that you need to radiate who you are inside – pure, positive, happy and kind – sending your goodness to them.
  2. You have three ways to respond to people. For example, if someone criticizes you – One: You can reflect that energy back to them by speaking ill about them. Second: You can remain silent but absorb their words and remain in pain inside. Third: You can understand the emotional pain, remain stable and send them vibrations of respect and love.
  3. Meditate daily to increase your inner power to not get affected emotionally by people’s behaviours. Remind yourself to be authentic to respond through your original qualities. First you will stop reflecting their negativity, then you stop absorbing their negativity, and finally you become a transformer of energy.

Transform Energy – The Story

The desk manager was having to manage all the turmoil after sixteen flights were cancelled and all the harried passengers were taken to this hotel. The rooms weren’t ready yet for all the passengers. Children cried. Seniors wanted to rest. Restive young men banged on the desk. Amidst all this, stood a calm man. The desk manager.

Slowly, the room readiness information started to come. He did the right thing. Ignoring all shouts and epithets, he first gave rooms to the children and the seniors. Then, he worked on the couples who needed accommodation. So on. Calmly, he kept giving out key cards and ensured the card signatures were taken.

The negative energy so prevalent an hour ago in the lobby of the hotel simply disappeared. All the guests started looking forward to their key cards and started conversing amiably with the manager as they waited.

The last guest was a middle aged man who looked sharp and smart. He waited at the far end of the lobby watching the manager at work.

He came up and asked the manager if he knew that he had done a wonderful job. The manager smiled and said that it was his job. No more, no less. The guest then asked how did he manage to deflect all the negativity. The manager shared with the guest his understanding about life.

People send you their energy and that has nothing to do with you, so you spread your goodness, it works every time.

People have their moods, perception, prejudice or their own nature. You don’t own that. You cannot control it. It has nothing to do with you. Ignore it. Live with your own awareness that you can only radiate what you have within. Your purity, positivity, happiness and kindness. Spread that to other people.

Transform their energy by your radiations of respect and love.

He made it happen with the guests. He had three options. One: Shout back. Two: Remain silent but remain irritated. Three: Transform the energy in the room with your goodness. He chose the last option.

Increase your inner power to not get affected emotionally.

Meditate daily. Increase your inner power. Stop absorbing their negativity. Use your smile to deflect while you understand and process the ensuing course of action. It will give you time to think. Then, become the transformer of energy.

But you need to stay humble. Remind yourself that it is your authenticity that will be seen by people and your eagerness to help them in distress. Use your original qualities to bring about that authenticity. These are the people that are loved the most.

The middle aged guest checked out the next day. A few days later the manager was called to an office on the other side of town and a job was offered. He never looked back after that and went on to become one of the most feted general managers in the casino industry.

Let’s revise our affirmations to transform energy –

I am a powerful being.

I am unaffected by people’s energies.

People may not be nice to me, I do not reflect their energies.

I do not behave the same as they have behaved with me.

I do not absorb their energies.

My every thought is a blessing for them.

Every word is polite and respectful.

I radiate peace and power to them. I do not reflect I do not absorb. I only transform their energy.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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