How To Trust People Again?

“Choose to trust people every time. It will keep you peaceful and them loyal.”

Trust makes us comfortable and empowers others to be trustworthy. Doubting everyone because of one bitter experience is unfair on them and us.

  1. Check your belief about trust. Do people earn your trust only if they are your way? When you create thoughts of doubt – not words or behaviour but just thought of doubt about people, your vibrations can trigger in them that personality trait of lying or betraying. They may do what you doubted them to do, influenced by your vibrations.
  2. Don’t make your mind dependent on people’s behaviour. Trust them not because they are trustworthy, trust them because it can make them trustworthy. Create this thought for them every morning during meditation – “I choose to trust them, that they are giving their best to this relationship.”
  3. Trust makes you comfortable. If you start doubting people, can you take a cab, board a flight or visit a doctor confidently? You don’t know their past, but your trust helps them to be responsible enough.
  4. Even if someone has betrayed, it was only one part of their personality. Trust them all over again. Your energy will influence a change.

Trust people again – The Story

He had just been betrayed in business by a close partner and had been through a harrowing time. His money had been depleted heavily. His contacts had sworn off him. He was just getting back into a bit of a shape due to his family’s support and his own yen for hard work.

But he couldn’t trust anyone anymore.

A friend walked into his office one day and over a few cups of coffee he unloaded himself to this good friend. The friend was nonchalant. Trust, he said, wasn’t lost at all. And he laughed happily after saying that.

The businessman was dumbfounded. How did his friend come to that conclusion when he was mired in doubt about every employee of his and every family member who was critical of him?

But the friend explained. He said that one wakes up every morning and then trusts his spouse to enjoy a cup of tea with him. He trusts the school bus driver and sends his children to school in that bus. He trusts those teachers at school to teach his kids the right thing. He trusts the doctor to take care of his parents correctly. He trusts his spouse to take care of his funds at home. He trusts the mechanic to take care of his car. He trusts the office boy with his office keys. He trusts his accountant with his finances. How can he say there’s no trust left within him?

Check your own belief about trust and do not mix it with your doubts and beliefs.

Your vibrations of doubts and beliefs get conveyed to the person in front of you and trust depletes. It starts from you. So, you need to put a check on that.

Make your mind independent of people’s behaviour.

They always come around. So, instead of looking at their behaviour, look at how much you can trust them and work with them. Keep giving until they relent. Trust and give the best to that relationship, however small it is.

Trust makes you comfortable.

Do it in small ways across the day and see how much more comfortable you get. You can delegate work. You can enjoy company. You can be with people and enjoy a good time. It will make you happier instead of a doubter.

It’s possible that you will get betrayed but then you will always have hiccups in life, take that as an experience and move on. Remind yourself to trust them again. Your energy will bring them back and even get them to correct themselves. The businessman tried his friend’s way. He became happier. Work steadily got better but life became simpler and joyful. One day he sat down and told the same story to his children. His spouse wept with joy!

Let’s revise our affirmations to trust people again

I am a loveful being.

I trust myself.

I trust people.

I feel the vibrations of everyone I meet.

I trust my intuition to understand them.

People in the past have behaved in unexpected ways.

I choose to release the pain today.

They had a reason for their behaviour.

I choose to trust again.

My trust empowers them.

My trust gives them the strength to make the right choices.

I respect them.

They respect me.

I trust everyone naturally.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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