Make New Beginnings In Relationships

“I get over guilt and release the past, I focus on rebuilding my relationships.”

Despite taking care, we tend to use wrong language or criticise people. Realisation of our mistakes is important, but more important is to release the guilt and create a new beginning.

  1. Creating guilt or self criticism about the past depletes your power. You need the power to realise and transform, so as to not repeat the mistake. Conserve energy energy and strengthen yourself to change.
  2. Guilt leaves you feeling bitter about yourself. You have made a mistake, but you have also realised it and are ready to change. Repeatedly thinking about your mistake is not realisation. Realisation means you put an end to negative thinking and heal your pain.
  3. Meditate daily to remain aware of being a pure, powerful being. The awareness gives you the strength to change. You will also understand that you are a good person who has done a wrong action. Thus, separating your identity from your action.
  4. Apologise to the other person verbally. Send them very powerful loving vibrations to heal them. Your vibrations will help them make a new beginning too. Make a new beginning by erasing the past from your mind.

Let us listen and reaffirm – Relationships


Relationships – The Story

The footballer sat up in his bed in cold sweat. He had just started physiotherapy after a long recovery from injury. The injury had happened when he had twisted his ankle while playing a match and his cartilage had torn. It had deteriorated rapidly and he wasn’t able to stand or walk for months. Two surgeries had happened and he had finished all his money doing just that.

It was a dire situation to say the least. And now here he was, starting physiotherapy and wondering where would he go after this. Physically and emotionally, he was spent. Football was the only thing he knew and if that had to be put away, he wouldn’t be able to feed his family at all.

Actually, the problems had already started and he was months away from any game, even if it were to happen at all. He was angry with his manager and sponsors and his relationships with them had been toxic.

His wife counselled him to keep his cool. But he just wasn’t able to manage himself emotionally.

The club sent in a new conditioning coach to him.

He asked the footballer if they both could embark on a new beginning. A fresh page. The footballer was game.

Conserve energy and strengthen yourself to change within.

The bad times are when change is required and it can happen too. So, put guilt or self-criticism aside. Use your inner power to realise and transform. Now that you are in physiotherapy, you can mend on the outside and inside.

Put an end to negative thinking and heal your pain.


The physical shall heal. That is the work of the physio. But your inner healing about your negative thinking is also a process. Stop the guilt. Make a fresh start and be ready to change every morning. This is true realisation.

Make your inner strength come about.

Meditate. Cleanse and purify the inner self. Allow it’s originality to come back. Make your inner being powerful and peaceful. You are a good person who has had negativity in the past about yourself and others. Now, push that negativity out.

Make new beginnings. Apologise to the people you have hurt. Make them rally around you again. Remind yourself that it’s never too late to heal relationships that matter. It will set you free to work on your physical demands earnestly and devote yourself to become fully fit.

The footballer did all he was told. Four months later, he was back on the field. The crowds clapped. His teammates back slapped. He was back where he wanted to be. And then he scored his first goal in a long time. He was back!!

Let us revise our affirmations – Relationships

I am a loveful being.

I have pure intentions to radiate respect and acceptance to all.

Beautiful relationships are my priority.

I may have made mistakes in the past.

I take this moment to clean my past.

My intentions were pure.

My method went wrong.

I send them vibrations of forgiveness and love.

They understand me.

Past is past, it’s over.

Today is a new beginning.

I radiate only love and happiness to all.

Positive Mind. Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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