People Hurt You? Know Why

“I am kind to those who are nice to me and kinder to those who hurt or wrong me.”

At times, people can betray, lie, reject or ignore us. It can leave hurt and bitter. But they are not doing it intentionally. They are in pain themselves and are projecting their disturbed inner world on to us.

  1. When someone is not being right to you, it could be more to do with what they are going through, and less about you. However, reflect if you had been right towards them not just in your words and behaviours but in your thoughts too.
  2. People might be hurting within due to their unhealed emotional wounds. At some point in their life they have experienced insecurity, jealousy, fear or anger.
  3. Someone who harms you is a pure being too but has temporarily drifted from their original qualities of peace and love. Remain stable. Once you see the pain behind their behaviour, accept it as a fact that exists, rather than a problem to tolerate.
  4. Correcting people means being compassionate. Meditate every morning to shift your tendencies from control, discipline or authority, to being a facilitator, guide and a counsellor.

Lets Listen and re-affirm to overcome hurt.

Relax Meditation hurt

Hurt – The Story

The Design Head had a nice job. He had to approve the designs coming in from various designers of member fashion brands. It was simple. No designing by him. Only approving the work of others. Nothing creative but an authority on all things creative. Of course, he took good care to see that he nixed most of the designs that came in, just to show his authority!

The designers did not like it at all. So, there was a lot of heartache. The work didn’t flow properly. The company had a problem in business.

A meeting was held with all the designers in one room with the Design Head and the CEO. The CEO was a straightforward person. He told the group that they could only endeavour to do their best. The Head is not here to trouble them. He is here to see which design fits the theme of the store well. He is just doing his job. He’s got some habits and behaviour that may offend them but they just have to keep expressing themselves. Their talent would take care of things.

The Head understood what the CEO meant. So did the designers.

Be right towards the people who offend you, their attitudes are a reflection of their own problems.

If someone is rude towards you, it’s because they are messed up. They are going through something. It’s not about you. It’s about them. But just take care that you have been nice and right towards them too. In thoughts, words, and behaviour. Otherwise, sometimes you may deserve what’s coming your way!

Acknowledge that the people do cause unintended harm to others too.

They don’t mean it. However, since they have shifted from their original peaceful state, having unhealed emotional wounds, experiencing insecurity, jealousy, fear, or anger, they do things to others. Accept that and move on. You won’t be disturbed then.

Move to a state of a facilitator, guide, and counsellor.

Meditate to get your inner being primed and strong. Shift your tendencies from control and authority to guiding and counselling. People respond; even a head of design who sifts through your designs.

Spread life through your words and work. Remind yourself that other people’s behaviour cannot be controlled by you. However, your being untouched by that and accepting it would bring about healing in them in some way.

The Design Head saw a change in the designers who now accommodated his tantrums and even presented him with options. He quieted over time and a harmonious relationship occurred. The business prospered at the store.

Let us revise our affirmations to overcome hurt-

I am a loveful being.

I understand people.

Their behaviour may not be what I expect.

They may be emotionally disturbed.

I am untouched by their words and behaviours.

Their intentions are clean.

They need healing.

I reflect my state of being.

Some people may repeatedly do wrong to me.

I protect my self.

I express my self clearly with royalty and dignity.

They are doing their karma, i focus on my karma.

My vibrations of peace, purity radiate to them.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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