The Effect Of Colours On Our Mood

Ever happened that you saw a flower and smiled? There is a reason, we prefer to paint our walls in certain colours, or prefer to buy clothes in a certain colour. Studies say that colours directly affect our mood and bring about different emotions and behavioural changes within us. Yes, there are effect of colours on our mood.

Blue – Effect of Colours

Blue - Effect of Colours

Blue is probably the world’s favourite colour. It is soothing, tranquil, serene and orderly. Blue boosts productivity. Hence, it is used to colour office walls. It is also a sign of security and dependability.

Yellow – Effect of Colours

Yellow - Effect of Colours

Often considered to be a cheerful and warm colour, yellow certainly lifts our spirits and self-esteem. It indeed is a ‘happy colour’. However, it is also one that causes some amount of aggression and frustration.

Red – Effect of Colours

Red - Effect of Colours

Red is a warm and vibrant colour which evokes intense emotions. It is a symbol of love and comfort. It is the boldest and most passionate of colours and makes people feel powerful. People usually wear this colour when they want to catch people’s attention.

Black – Effect of Colours

Black - Effect of Colours

Black is the perfect absorber of all light and it is often looked down by many people. But people who are fans of black love wearing it regardless. Black is the colour associated with glamour and power.

White – Effect of Colours

White - Effect of Colours

White is the exact opposite of black and perfectly reflects all light. It symbolises purity and innocence. It is the harbinger of positivity and peace.


Green - Effect of Colours

The symbol of nature and tranquillity, green has a calming effect on people. That is why one feels at peace when they are in nature.


Orange - Effect of Colours

It oozes with excitement and energy. Orange depicts warmth and beauty and also is very refreshing.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

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