Wear Gratitude As Your Attitude

“Gratitude changes everything.”

If we evaluate our life’s journey it has been smooth with no major obstacles. Yet we find many reasons to complain. Let’s cultivate an attitude of gratitude for people, situations and things that come together daily to make our life beautiful.

  1. Begin your day been grateful for all you have. Connect to God and give gratitude in your own way. With the next two thoughts thank your mind and body for sustaining you. Then give gratitude to people in your life and objects you use.
  2. Create relationship even with the objects you use. For example, don’t leave your bed with the blanket unfolded and pillow line haphazard. Thank them for a good night’s sleep and place them neatly. Thank water and electricity for helping you to start the day well. Thank you family, car, computer, colleagues. Gratitude creates happiness and being happy keeps you contented.
  3. When you start being grateful for everything, over a period gratitude gets ingrained into your personality. So, if you experience something not being right, your mind will remain calm. Complaining and criticizing will no more be a part of your personality.

Gratitude – The Story

The legendary teacher, widely renowned for his grasp over philosophy, headed back to his village. The village folk stood at the edge of the river bank waiting for his arrival. His boat landed and he walked down the wooden platform, once the boat was docked.

His hands were folded in gratitude to all who had assembled there. People garlanded him. Recalling their names, he greeted each of them affectionately. Smiles spread through the gathering. They were proud that the teacher remembered and loved them despite his fame.

The teacher was invited to a function in the village playground. Everyone had assembled. He arrived and touched the feet of the village elders. The elders wrapped their arms with love and happiness. His humility and gratitude towards his village were extraordinary.

All this was seen by his son, a boy of twelve, who was just about starting to know the good things that his father practiced.

That night, just before bed, the son asked his father as to why he showed so much love and gratitude to the village folk. Even though he did not really have much left in the village in terms of property or relatives.

The father explained that he had consciously cultivated an attitude of gratitude for people, situations and things that come together routinely to make their life more beautiful. He went on to explain the power of gratitude to the young son.

Every morning, be grateful to God, your mind and your body for sustaining you.

“Begin your day by being grateful for all you have. Be grateful for the people around you and even for the objects that you use. Meditation can help you to establish a meaningful connection with all aspects of life.”

Gratitude is a source of satisfaction and happiness.

“Thank all the people in your life and the situations that unfold. Greet a car driver. Show respect to a liftman. They all contribute to make you the beautiful person you are. Even the objects that you use, if shown gratitude, last long and perform better. Take care of them – your shoes, your books, your lunch box. Being grateful is the easiest way to experience lasting contentment.”

Let gratitude become ingrained your personality.

“When you express gratitude routinely, it becomes a part of your personality. Thereafter, even if something goes wrong briefly – if your car breaks down or if network connectivity is low – you will not create the emotional turbulence that you would otherwise experience.

Gratitude brings contentment into life. Appreciate whatever life brings. Every night, take 2 minutes to reflect on that day. List 5 things you were thankful for, right from the simplest thing like a good cup of tea. This practice, you will realize, brings endless benefits.”

The son was motivated. He loved the idea of being grateful. He started counted his blessings every day. He no longer complained or criticised. The happy boy went on to be a popular engineer at NASA, with several patents to his name. In a couple of years, made a trip to his father’s village. The villagers got to witness his attitude of gratitude, reminding them of his father.

Let’s revise our affirmation to make gratitude a natural way of being –

I am happy being.

My first thought every morning is of gratitude to God.

I thank my mind for thinking right in every situation.

I thank my body for being perfect and healthy.

I thank them for their care, their support, their love.

I thank the five elements of nature for nurturing me.

I thank my home, my car, my phone.

I am grateful for my beautiful life.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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