Be Alert, Not Absent Minded

“I consciously keep my mind alert and attentive in all my interactions.” – Be Alert!

Do you often lose attention in the middle of an interaction? Do you misplace, or forget activities or things every now and them? If yes, absent mindedness has been affecting your routine life.

  1. Besides burdening the mind with several activities. Your mind may be holding a clutter of unpleasant past memories, people’s behaviours, guilt, expectations, or even ideas of your self image.
  2. The mind needs to be decluttered to create space for what is essential. To stop being absent minded, empower the self, be committed to follow a daily routine that includes meditation, spiritual study, exercises, healthy and tiny meals, activities and good sleep hygiene. These improve concentration, memory and intuition.
  3. Prepare a daily task list and follow it. When interacting with people, listen well, do not get distracted by other thoughts, gadgets, or by what is happening around you. Identity place to keep the objects you use regularly, keys, wallets, spectacles, etc.
  4. Be in the present. Check your thoughts after every hour. Clean them and bring awareness to this moment. Respond right to every situation to keep your mind calm and energised. Focus on one task at a time, multitasking tires your mind.

Be Alert – Listen and reaffirm


Be Alert – The Story

The officer was in a hurry in the morning. He was dressing up and he yelled for his wife suddenly.

“Where is my tie?”, he asked.

She looked at him, as she knew him well, just softly told him that his tie was already peeping out of his coat pocket. He had himself stuffed it there for some unknown reason.

A little later. “Where’s the phone?”

She again came in with her own phone and called up his number and the ring emanated from his bag. He had shoved it in there maybe minutes ago and had forgotten.

She then, without prompting, tracked down his car keys and his wallet as he knew he would holler for them just a little while later.

At the office, things did not turn different.

The assistant knew he constantly kept files or folders here and there and forgot. He could not recall if he had ordered the tea or not. It was chaos the days the assistant wasn’t around or had taken a holiday.

The biggest problem was with names. He forgot names anytime, everytime. He would mix them up and it was incredulous. The whole office knew it. And they took turns trying to prompt him in his ear in client meetings.

Till one day, a company secretary who came by actually took him aside and advised him to make things better for himself.

Declutter the mind.
Be Alert
Be Alert

There may be too many things in there. Past memories, guilt, responses by people, ideas, self-image, plans and references. Drop what you don’t really need to remember. Like, you don’t really have to remember about the people being invited to the office party. Someone else would be there for that.

Improve your daily routine.

Empower yourself. Be committed to following a good routine. Meditation, spiritual study, exercises, healthy and timely meals, activities, leisure and sleep should be a part of your routine. These improve concentration, memory and intuition. Identify your safekeeping places at home and office.

Keep your things in those places only. Don’t get distracted by all kinds of things happening around you. Make that task list. Follow it. Listen to people more. So, you can remember details without effort. And there will be no stress of forgetting. Be in the present. Bring your awareness to the table. Respond right to every situation. Keep your mind calm and energized. Remind yourself that your good processes can help you expand your awareness and help in having a sharp mind that can remember well. The officer did all of it. The early morning hollering stopped much to the surprise of his wife. And she was very surprised the day when she forgot her phone somewhere and he remembered exactly where. He had improved and how!

Let us revise our affirmations – Be Alert

I am wise being.

My disciplined lifestyle keeps my mind fresh, boost my memory, improve reasoning and intuition.

I am my best at every moment.

I am alert and attentive in my interactions.

I begin every task with a minute of silence to focus.

I am clear what is to be done.

I release the past, I hold on to only necessary information.

I think less.

I have perfect memory power.

I forget everything which I should.

I remember everything which is necessary.

Positive Mind. Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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