Cannot Stop Spending Money? – Master Article

“Be focused on your financial goals, and in control of your money.”

We are living in times where so many temptations come in our way of saving money. Owing to peer pressure or as status symbol, we start buying more than what we need. Limiting expenses and securing finances seems challenging to us.

  1. Money is not just currency. Money is energy. You have earned it ethically, so it has to come to you with blessings. Nurture this beautiful relationship with money. Respect money, money will always respect you. Which means if you earn and use money the right way, you will always have more than you need.
  2. Set a detailed financial goal with income, expenses and savings – based on your comfort, not in reference to other people. Focus on fulfilling your needs, not desires.
  3. Before spending, ask yourself. Am I buying this out of temptations, peer pressure, public opinion or as a status symbol? Do I genuinely need it? Once you decide to buy, remain guilt free. Give gratitude for it.
  4. Teach your mind to adopt a simple lifestyle. Once you discipline it with love and explain your capacity, your mind stops giving in to temptations.

The manager was a man with a large extended family. Every Sunday one found some or the other guest at his place. Sometimes more two. He laughed and called his home a circus.

And he spent on them as crazily as possible. He went to pick them up at the airport where they could easily take a cab home. Then, he stopped on the way for food, sweets, drinks or favourite grocery so that a feast can be cooked at home.

Then, he bought gifts for them. Unwanted and uncalled for gifts. Sometimes he bought two of the same kind so for another sibling or spouse back home.

People asked if he was sure about his finances.

He never answered that question at all. He had recently sold a property and they feared that he was salting away all the money from that.

Earn and use money the right way and it will always be enough.

Money is not just currency, it is energy, it is to be preserved just as energy is preserved for the right moment. Let’s not have temptation visit us now and then, and take away the savings. We buy owing to peer pressure or family status, that’s silly. Nurture a better relationship with money and keep a mutual respect going. It will help.

Set up a detailed financial goal with your money.

There are various avenues available today that one can use to keep money well. Use them to create your financial goal. Pursue that goal just as pursue health and work. Make your money work for you. Focus on fulfilling your needs and not your desires.

Take a decision to buy only what is essential and affordable, and thereafter use them without feeling guilty.

You are the best judge of what you need, how much you can afford, and how you meet your financial goals. Just make sure no-one else influences your decisions Having said that, once you decide to buy something, do so without feeling guilty. Radiate right energies of happiness and gratitude.

Move your mind towards simple living and high thinking. Adopt a simple lifestyle. Search for a better meaning to expenditure. You will be a happier person. Remind yourself that you are independent and strong, and that your possessions don’t define who you are. Choose your life and your lifestyle. Do not be led into it.

The manager has opened a recurring account and started putting some money in there. His loved ones are glad for him. And his wife has been vigilantly guarding that account.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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