Check Your Belief System

“I constantly keep a check on my belief system and change them if necessary.”

Our life depends on our beliefs. Believes are the source of our thoughts and thoughts creates our destiny.

  1. The believes that you have gathered along the life’s journey about yourself, about other people or situation, have mostly come from the people around you. Have you evaluated them to check what is right for you?
  2. The strongest influence on your thoughts is of your belief system. It is like the operating system in the computer. Everything depends on it, the quality of your thoughts, feelings, attitude, personality and your destiny. You perceive every scene of your life through the believes you hold.
  3. Anger is necessary, happiness is an achievement, stress is natural are incorrect believes which deplete us. For example if you believe anger is necessary, then you will use anger to get work done. Even if you decide to work peacefully, it will be temporary because your belief system is “Anger is necessary”.
  4. Meditation helps to change your belief system and then transformation of thoughts become easy. Experiment with the new belief system. Love and respect is the way to get work done. A right belief makes you feel lighter, improves health, and simplifies relationships.

Belief system – Listen and affirm


Belief system – The Story

The young man came from a family of landowners. The family was used to running their writ, giving orders and getting their way in their world amidst their lands. They treated others badly and gave an excuse that bad behaviour was necessary to keep the people working and quiet.

The young man developed the same traits but he had walked out of home and gotten an education too. That education enabled him to become an administrator at a hospital. A hospital was a place where one needed integrity, patience, love and compassion to get things done. Doctors and nurses were overworked people who had to get things right each and every time. But he believed in his own belief system. The old one. The one where people were to be flogged, kept afraid and quiet.

Naturally, it didn’t work. Doctors resigned in anger. Nurses dreaded coming to work. The trustees had to call for an emergency meeting where this situation was taken up. It was quickly found out that it was one young man who was making this dire situation happen.

He had to go.

The young man had to put in his resignation. He didn’t even understand where he had gone wrong. His wife knew what had gone wrong. But she couldn’t tell him. She approached her father who was known to be a forthright person.

He took up the cudgels of telling the young man.

Evaluate your belief system and see if it’s right for you.

The young man had a particular belief system that came from his feudal lineage. Obviously that had to be re-evaluated. The social conditioning had to be shaken off. That belief system had to be changed.

Belief system
Change your perceptions now.

The strongest influence on your thoughts is that of your belief system. Everything depends on it – the quality of your thoughts, feelings, attitude, personality and finally your destiny. You perceive every scene of life through the beliefs you hold. Change that now. The young man had to do it now.

Incorrect beliefs deplete oneself.

Anger, stress, confrontation – these are belief systems that negatively affect people and their environment. The young man had to learn that these are not default sets within the body. These are all acquired. The original state is of peace, equanimity, compassion and patience.

Meditation helps change the belief system. The calmness allows the original qualities to surface easily. Then use the new belief system to work. Love can get work done. Patience gets better results. Truth enables a resting soul.

The young man listened to his father-in-law with attention. He introduced the changes with a new improvement regimen. He got better as a person. He started an advisory and over time came to be known as a wonderful advisor in the healthcare industry and they know him to be a nice and caring man.

Let us revise our affirmations

I am a wise being.

I check and change my believes.

“Life is a competition”, I change this belief to “Life is about giving, sharing, caring, cooperation”.

“Anger is normal and necessary” , I change this to “Empathy, patience, calm is normal”.

I change my belief of needing love and respect.

I am love. I radiate unconscionable love and respect.

I create only the right believes.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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    October 25, 2019 at 5:17 pm

    This is a very original and brilliant thought and observation about one’s belief system being the root of one’s personality. I totally agree. Really very sharp observation. Kudos to you Dr. Popat You’ve hit the right spot.


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