Do not Assume – Check facts

We are living in hurried times and flooded with information, tasks and deadlines. We often don’t spend time to ascertain facts, and make assumptions about ourselves, people or situations. We believe what we assume is the way things are. But reality can drastically differ from our assumptions.

  1. Meditate every morning and spend 20 minutes to energise your mind and intellect with spiritual knowledge or self empowering messages.
  2. Consume only pure and positive information from media, social media and people around you.
  3. After every hour, pause for a minute to check and change any negative thoughts. Erase past impressions or public opinions about people and situations.
  4. When you need any input, silence your mind. Listen to the intuition which speaks only the truth. Use this answer to know everything as it is.
  5. Your perceptions, thoughts and behaviour based on truth and not on assumptions,  lay the foundation to create a beautiful destiny.

The journalist was new to the system. He saw around him that people were hungry to create news as every hour the medium was asking for fresh and breaking content. His supervisors were telling him not to spend time checking all sources but place the news and put a question mark over that if necessary, so that the viewer can start to wonder about the breaking news happening.

This was dangerous, he thought. He knew the consequences of fake news mongering. It might cause issues, it could be legally challenged and it could affect lives. But vet, the chase for content made him keep all that at the back of his mind and do what the bosses told.

Naturally, problems happened. And he had to take the stick. He lost his job. A Digital media house finally gave him another job a few months later. And he got a new mentor.

The mentor clearly said that he’s not going to be assuming things. He would do it the old classical way. He would get some news. He would check all the possible sources. He would record and sift as required. He would present it coherently.

The new approach: first have a clean mind that can receive positive and correct authentic information.

The journalist embarked on a new path. He started meditating each morning so that he had a clean mind that was agile and could think clearly. He used that clarity to challenge every piece of news he came across.

Assumptions in mind automatically look for information that feeds a bias and you become a biased media consumer.

No assumptions at all. Genuinely look for authentic content among all the various stuff floating around in the media, social media and informal channels. After every hour, step back and take a look at your thoughts for a minute, to let personal bias or prejudice to go away. So that news becomes unbiased and potent.

A clean mind and intellect need to harness the power of intuition to become truthful and unbiased.

Use intuition to the fullest. When the journalist looked at a news with an unbiased eye, intuition told him whether this was working or not, as news. The inner voice helps you along in the path of truth.

He kept reminding himself every day that his thoughts, behaviour and intentions are going to get rid of all assumptions and create his new destiny as a newsman, nothing else.

It was a massive win for him personally. And he became, in a short time, a reporting voice the nation looked for.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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