Do Not Learn How To React

“I am responsive so I neither give in to impulsiveness, nor blame anyone else.” – Learn how to react.

When our roles and responsibilities seem to be very demanding, many of us rush through life. We think quickly, speak instantly and act impulsively. We don’t pause to choose a right response, and we even justify our reactions.

  1. When you react out of impulse, acknowledge that nothing and nobody else were responsible. Otherwise, first your inner power gets depleted because of reactive behaviour. And secondly if you justify by blaming external factors to be the cause you again lose power.
  2. After every hour, pause to check the quality of your responses and change as needed. Remind yourself, “I am a powerful being. No matter what happens, I choose to respond right in every scene.”.
  3. Appreciate yourself for all the right responses. If any action or interaction was not right, reflect and see how you could have responded differently. Mentally rehearse and visualise yourself doing it the right way.
  4. Responding from original qualities of peace, love and respect is a gradual process of attention and awareness. The first stage is not to react in your behaviour, the next stage is, not to react in your mind.

How to react – The Story

The traffic police constable stood in his booth, directing the traffic. He was doing his traffic releases in the prescribed manner when there was a phone call. The flying squad inspector was on the line. He berated the constable for crowding the next junction by releasing more motorists.

In a fit of temper, the constable released the flow towards that particular junction for another two minutes. It was the craziest traffic jam for the next couple of hours and extra traffic guard had to be summoned from the main traffic police station to control the madness.

The chief confronted the traffic personnel in office that evening after a shift change. The constable tried to justify his irrational act by saying his watch showed a minute of release. The chief was aghast. The whole group knew that the console clock timer was there to guide all personnel. This was an excuse, not justification at all. And it was a failing excuse!

The constable was suspended from duties and even checked for substance abuse. It was humiliating.

Acknowledge your mistake when you act on impulse.

No one else is responsible but you, when you act on impulse. Your reactive behaviour depletes your inner strength and if you continue to justify your actions by blaming some other external factor like a watch in this case, you lose more power and status.

Visualise the right way of doing things.

Mentally rehearse your next step. Visualise. Take a step back and choose the best method to go ahead. Then direct your energies to the right action. Check if your response can be variedly different from the earlier time. Appreciate yourself for the right response after you have done it.

Don’t react in your mind too.

Now that you are considering a right step and then doing it, find a way to stop reacting in your mind too. Your original qualities of peace, respect, and love should guide you to making better decisions in the mind as well. It’s better attention and better awareness.

Learn to respond with dignity. Remind yourself that you can prepare for a great future by allowing a calm mind to respond peacefully to the most aggravating situations. You will be a winner!

The constable was. He came to the job after suspension and practiced the affirmations to excel at his job. The force promoted him to the position of chief constable next year. It was an amazing transformation!

Let’s revise our affirmations – How to react?

I am a powerful being.

I create my feeling.

I respond through my personality of peace, compassion, respect.

I respond right in every scene.

Sometime I may react. I make a mistake. I accept responsibility of my reaction.

I rewind the scene on my mind.

I understand the scene and the people.

I might not agree with them.

I visualise my self responding with dignity.

I mentally rehearse the right response.

I prepare for the future.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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