Do People Say You Are Lazy Or Careless?

“Use positive self-labels to describe your identity, the vibration manifest a positive reality.” – Remove your lazy or careless label.

Labels we put on ourself or people put on us, become repeated thoughts and words about our personality. They become our reality, till we decide to change our labels.

  1. Check if since your childhood, people had certain things to say about your incorrect habits or behaviours. Their intentions were pure, and they wanted you to change. But they gave you negative labels like “you are lazy” or “you are careless” and so on.
  2. It is possible that you accepted the labels people gave you, made them your identity, thereby reaffirming that trait of being lazy or careless. When you repeatedly say, “I am so and so”, you reinforce it. It signifies who you are and who you will be.
  3. List out all the negative labels you have absorbed from others and still holding on to. Over a period they have become affirmations and a part of your vocabulary, obstructing your success and happiness.
  4. Check if you say anything negative about yourself. Even if it is a reality, replace them with pure, positive labels. Repeat it for a few days till it becomes your identity.

Lazy or careless – The Story

The young man sat in his bedroom, brooding. He had tears in his eyes. Yet another failure. He regretted that he was luckless. He was a misfit. He was lazy. He was artless. He wasn’t determined.

He knew all this because his father and uncle constantly berated him from his childhood days. He faced this when he was studying and even when he was an apprentice in his uncle’s workshop.

He didn’t know how he was to make himself a success with all these negative traits. His uncle’s wife was a kind soul. She had seen the boy being berated and wade through it for many years. She came and sat beside him.

She told him that she was giving him a ticket and sending him to her father who has an oil mill some distance away. He would stay and learn there. On an impulse, he took the ticket and went off to this other town.

The grand old man who owned the oil mill needed a manager. He groomed the young man. He said there was no other agreement than hard work. He didn’t know the young man’s past therefore believed that he was all good and willing to work hard.

But the young man had to put away all his previously donned labels.

Labels given during childhood are just labels for then, not to be taken for life.

He was to drop all the lazy, misfit, luckless, and artless kind of labels that were stuck to him. He was to see himself as a normal person who had the senses and awareness of any young man. The rest would fall into place.

He had to reinforce new labels and not the old identity.

The older labels he had accepted. They had therefore stuck to him. They had become his traits. When things didn’t work out, just like others reinforced it, he too repeated the labels and took them on, as excuses to fail. Well, they weren’t there anymore. He had to succeed and there was no option.

List out the older labels and throw them off.

He was to get rid of the older labels. His success and happiness depended on it. So, he started with his new work and because no one near him even mentioned those older labels, he threw them away and found refuge in hard work. He put on the positive labels that came his way from his colleagues and the old man himself. He reminded himself that he was there with a purpose and he could do without those old labels. In fact, he now possessed the best labels ̶ positivity and initiative.

The young man’s persistence at the new job paid off. His hard work bore fruit. The old man started a second oil mill and gave everything to the young man to run. Today, a popular brand of mustard oil is owned by the same young man.

The young man’s persistence at the new job paid off. His hard work bore fruit. The old man made his second oil mill and gave everything to the young man to run. Today, a popular brand of mustard oil is owned by the same young man.

Let us revise our affirmations to remove lazy or careless labels

I am a pure being,

I know my good habits.

I know my weaknesses.

People have different opinions about me. I do not make it my label.

I create only pure self labels. Labels of who I want to be.

Labels like, I am a pure being. I am sincere.

I remove any labels that were put on me by my family or friends. I change the label.

I repeat the new positive label daily.

My vibrations create my reality.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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