How to Re-Energize a tired Mind

We experience days when no matter how little we work, how long we sleep, or how healthy we eat, we still feel exhausted and weak. This happens mostly when we deplete our energy throughout the day, sometimes unaware.

  1. Worry, stress and anxiety indicate fatigue. Take charge of your mind by meditating every morning and studying spiritual messages. This channelise your thoughts from negative to positive and keeps your mind light. Exercise daily to keep your body fit.
  2. Plan your activities for the day, set timelines and execute the plan. This saves time and energy which otherwise gets depleted in gossip, arguments, judgement or criticism.
  3. Every hour pause and charge your mind with powerful thoughts. I am light and easy. I complete everything perfectly and in time.
  4. Be with people, state your opinion but withdraw from conflict. Ego to prove yourself right is a stressor.
  5. Return to family in evening charged and happy. Follow a fixed sleep schedule that provides enough rest for your mind and body.

I am tired all the time,” she said.

One could see that. The face was pale. The eyes had dark shadows. The hair was drooping over the shoulders. The shoulders looked burdened. It was all very visible.

One didn’t have to ask her about her personal world to know that she was undergoing great strain and it’s why she was feeling tired. She was a publicity agent. One of her needs at work was to look fresh and energetic for her clients all day long. In the world of fashion, she also needed to be fashionable and intelligent. And here she was, tired and drooping.

She needed to find a purpose.

A chart was created after some basic consultation. She had to wake up early. Latest by Six AM. She had to nourish her mind first. So, a time for meditation and being spiritual was first set up. Thirty minutes every day early morning. Post which after a fruit or some herb tea, she had to get into a strict exercise regimen. To nourish her body.

After exercise, she had to make her food choices, her wear choices and her accessories choices that would make her feel good at work. And get to work by the appointed time. Being on time bright and early was another trait that she would need to have.

To kick lethargy out completely, she had to time herself at every job. Fifteen minutes for a mail, thirty minutes for a meeting. And so on. That would keep her on the toes and constantly amidst action. Lethargy would be forgotten. Energy would be in place because of the adrenaline.

A reset every hour by a five minutes contemplation would bring peace, energy and humility.

After every hour of positive activity, she had to sit back, contemplate, consider her next course of work or actions. That would reset energy, being in humility, courage and clear perspective.

Wrap up the day at the appointed hour. Get back to the family. Contribute to their wellbeing. Talk, laugh and eat well again. Then, she had to sleep early and well. That was imperative.

This, as a course of action, would bring her life back into her. She would stop feeling tired all the time. And forge forward in style. She is to remind herself that she’s a powerful being who has the intellect and desire to have a great life without ego, with nice priorities and powerful positive energy.

The publicity agent did what she was told. Her biggest client, an actress, immediately saw the change and adapted that change herself too, with great results.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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