Every Obstacle is an Opportunity

“What is in the way, is the way.”

Life may not be a smooth journey, some days in life are more beautiful than we imagined, and other days may not seem to go our way. There may be situations which we call obstacles. Situations are not the obstacle, how we respond to it, becomes our obstacle. How we respond depends on how we perceive the situations. When we understand that hardships are not obstacles but are part of the journey itself, where our struggle turns into our strength.

  1. Every morning, set your priorities and plans for the day. They give a sense of focus, and also help you channelize time and energy.
  2. During the day people or situations may do things which you had not anticipated. A colleague may delay a project, your computer might crash, you may face health issues, or your child may get poor grades at school. Internalize that these are not obstacles. They are part of our karmic journey.
  3. Accept them. Don’t question them. Don’t blame them. Don’t resist them. Accept the scene. It’s a part of your journey. Acceptance silences your mind. Don’t give up. Think clearly, find a solution and cross the scene.
  4. Introspect the circumstance. It was not a hurdle on the path, IT WAS THE PATH – and it made you stronger than you were.

The young man was having a trying time with his sales campaign. The brand managers were adamant that the product had to be sold by invitation. So, his team had been inviting people over phone and mail. But the turnout was horrendous and so was the conversion into sales.

He was at his wit’s end.

Not a day passes by when the uncomprehending boss did not call up and berate him from the capital city.

He approached a mentor. The mentor smiled after hearing his case. He asked the young man if he had ever played marbles. He said he had. So, when the marbles are supposed to be hit with a certain force so that they hit the other marbles, does he worry what the other marbles are going to do, so much? He is more focused on hitting his marble correctly. Right?

The wrong way is not wrong, probably it’s the way.

He then told the young man to focus on his opening gambit. Whatever happens post that possibly is the way. It’s not the wrong way. It’s the way. So, decide what is going to be the opening.

Some days life is more beautiful than we imagined, and other days it just doesn’t seem to go our way. How we respond depends on how we perceive them.

Your plans and priorities show you the way if you calm and clear your mind.

The young man decided to give it a go. He set up his priorities and plans for each day for inviting people to see his product. It gave him focus. Channelised his energy and time. He could see things clearly then.

During the day, as he saw things changing or going into undesired directions, he tweaked his game, like in marbles, and manoeuvred his teams in ways that they could gain success at invitations to the right people. His karmic journey was on. No obstacles, only newer strategies at work.

Accepting and working hard on the new path will give better chances at success.

Accept the new paths. No giving up. Think clearly as to how to gain success from the newer possibilities. Solutions come.

Success came to the young man. It was an eventuality.

He sat back happily and tried to gather what he had done at every obstacle and how he turned it around. He introspected. He learnt more. He reminded himself that he was a powerful and pure being. He was creative and knowledgeable. He could have difficulties but they were not insurmountable. He could find a way to succeed. And therefore, he did.

The young man became a general manager in twelve months. It was a record in the company. He aims to be the youngest vice president in the history of that company now!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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