Focus On Solutions, Not Problems.

“I use my precious energy to find solutions, by not wasting a single thought on problems.” – Focus on Solutions

We plan our day, but sometimes our plans don’t work, people don’t co-operate, or unexpected obstacle show up. At these moments we tend to replay the problem over and over on our mind.

  1. Reflect on any challenge you faced the last time to see if your thoughts were “Why did this happen to me?, Who is responsible for what happened?, Why the things don’t go right?” And so on. These indicate a problem – focused mindset.
  2. Do not waste a single thought or a single word thinking and talking about the problem. Think – “What is it that we have to do now?”. Silence the mind without letting it slip into a inner conversation of blame game or victimisation which deplete your power.
  3. The energy, which is going to create the solution, should not be wasted in thinking and talking about the problem. Use your energy to face the situation, create a solution, and change the direction of the problem.
  4. Meditate daily to energise yourself. In every situation, your vibration will be higher than the energy of the situation. You will take a charge of the situation, instead of the situation controlling you.

Lets listen and re-affirm – Focus on solutions

Pause meditation

Focus on Solutions – The Story

The manager had 800 workers to manage. He sat in his office and moped. He blamed the higher management for putting him in this position with the workers. He worried about his family. They stayed in the same housing estate as most of the workers. He feared that they would be attacked by them anytime, day or night. He blamed his stars and parents for forcing him to take this job that was in the middle of nowhere.

The union leader, who was an elderly gentleman kept listening to the young manager. Then he quietly put forth his opinion.

He said, “Listen to me, young man. As you do not have the experience and the know how to deal with this, and since you don’t have the higher management by your side, all you can do is listen to my solution. Mark my words. I have not come to you with a problem. The problem is happening outside. I have come to you with a solution. I know those people out there. They are looking at better hours and better compensation. You can give better hours. You don’t have it in your hand to give them better compensation. So, give the hours and let them go for now. Take in their request for better compensation. Assure them a deadline. They know you are working for them. Then we both will go to the management.”

Suddenly the manager saw reason and a light at the end of the tunnel. Move away from a problem-focused mindset.

Focus on Solutions

Any challenge you face in life cannot be solved or taken up without a solution mindset. Don’t see the problem. See the solution. Don’t speak the problem. Speak the solution. Don’t think ‘problem’. Think ‘solution’. The mind looks towards how to bring about the solution actively then.

Silence the mind and ‘peak’ the solution power within.

Don’t waste a single thought on the problem. Quickly bring the mind to what is to be done next. The union leader does just that. He listens to the manager but is already bringing all his positive energy towards solutions. He knows how to get those solutions. He’s spelling them out as he gets his chance.

Inner strength helps in taking charge of every adverse situation.

Meditate daily. It helps you get the inner strength. It helps in the right vibrations prevailing over all negativity around you. You end up taking charge of different situations around you.

With such mindset, you don’t blame or moan about situations. You get out there and take positive actions. Remind yourself that people and situations don’t rule me; my responses do. My peaceful and just mind allows me to take the right decisions.

The manager was able to bring the striking workers back to work. The company management was grateful to him and the union leader. The manager was promoted to General Manager the very next year.

Let’s revise our affirmations – Focus on Solutions

I am a powerful being.

I think right.

I speak right.

I live right.

I respond right to every situation.

Sometimes people and situations are not my way.

There may be crisis. I take charge for myself.

I am calm.

My mind is silent.

No questions, no blame.

I shift my mind to the present moment.

Focus is on myself, the present moment and the solution.

I create a solution for every situation.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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