Foundation of Loyalty

Being loyal to your own values makes it easy for you to be loyal to other people.

We like extending loyalty to ourselves, our values, family, friends, and organisation. Loyalty is demonstrated when we are consistently there for people through good times and tough times. Being consistently true to our words makes loyalty a way of life.

  1. Make a daily commitment to building loyalty, beginning by being loyal to your own self – your feelings, values, aspirations and needs. Self-loyalty influences the way you connect with others.
  2. Stand by someone who needs you even if it provides no benefit to you. Think right for everyone and speak what you think. Help people get through challenges. Fulfill every promise you make. Whenever people confide in you, maintain confidentiality.
  3. Abstain from gossip and judgemental behaviour. The energy of loyalty needs to begins from your thoughts about people and situations first, even before your words and actions.
  4. Don’t be loyal just to please someone. Do it because it’s your quality to be honest and dedicated. Loyalty doesn’t mean you say “Yes” even if you need to compromise on your values, when needed say “No” with dignity.

The actor did have his good times. Lots of work and lots of endorsements. He was really helped by the manager who had taken his work on when he was just a struggler. Over the years as things became good and prosperous, the manager did an awesome job managing his client, the actor.

Then, the actor founded a company that was to manage his varied interests. His scripts and films were to be managed by a young unit, the endorsements and spin offs from the brand businesses were to be managed by another. The social division was another group. And media management was another. The manager found himself outdated. But, the actor assured him that he had a final say in everything.

But companies approaching the actor’s door didn’t want to meet this manager anymore. The manager left. Even though, all was fine between him and the actor.

Then, the actor found the scripts drying up. He wasn’t so well regarded anymore. His wife called up the manager. Loyalty paid. The manager arrived, made the requisite calls. Some meetings occurred. A good script was agreed on. A quick shooting schedule was arranged. The film became a hit and the actor was back.

Word went around the industry that the manager was back in the saddle. Work flowed in again.

Loyalty has its reward. For the provider and the taker.

Loyalty should overpower attachments, wealth, status, power or position. It is the foundation of great relationships. It is the best form of commitment. There’s transparency in all communications. There’s mutual trust and regard. It radiates respect.

Be loyal to yourself to get loyalty from others.

But how to get loyalty from someone? Be loyal to yourself first – your feelings, values, aspirations and needs. This influences how you connect with others and from inspire loyalty in them.

Stand by others even if doesn’t bring any benefit to you.

Think right and say right. Help people to get through their challenges. Fulfill your promises to others. Maintain confidentiality when people share things with you. No gossiping. Your responsible behaviour should be visible from the outset of a relationship.

Loyalty isn’t give and take. Loyalty isn’t pleasing someone. Like the manager, loyalty is all about immense responsibility without care for self-interest. It’s the ability to be in charge on behalf of someone. Think good for someone at all times.

It comes with time, not overnight. So, prepare for the long run. Remind yourself that you can only be loyal when you have all the qualities of a friend, confidante and guide. Also, you have to be able to think beyond money, power and prestige for yourself.

The manager passed away last month and the actor and his entire family was there at his funeral. It was as though a dear family member had moved on.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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