Handling Rejection From Loved Ones

“I accept myself. Irrespective of situations and people’s behaviours. My inner conversations are always pleasant.” – Handling rejection

We may love someone, and our life might revolve around that person. But if they don’t treat us the same way, we feel that they rejected us. Do you sometimes think, “They rejected me, They do not love me, I care for everyone, No one cares for me”?

Be Emotionally independent – Handle Rejections
  1. People will have their own opinions about you. Also the way someone perceives you will change with time, although you remain the same. Just because people are not right to you, do not call it rejection. Perhaps their intentions were perfect, behaviour was not.
  2. Go beyond behaviours to understand the reason. They may be in a bad mood or bad situation. Support them and bless them. Enjoy being with people and create beautiful bonds. But don’t allow your happiness to be dependent on any one. Even if someone is not nice to you, you continue to be yourself, care to the best of your capacity. Without expectations. Let you pure vibrations influence them.
  3. What people think about you is not important. What you think about yourself means everything. Love and accept yourself unconditionally. Meditate daily to build your self esteem and your core values.

Handling rejection – Listen and reaffirm


Handling rejection – The Story

The student was not so good with his studies. He compensated his average work in studies with some very creative work with paint and woodwork. But parents are parents sometimes. The father shouted one day if he was only going to be a billboard painter or a carpenter.

The student didn’t know how to navigate his parents’ requirements. He knew they meant well. But the way they went about it was all wrong. He felt inferior each passing day. He was constantly compared to his cousins and his friends who were doing well in their academics.

Then one day, after the pre-test before the senior school exams, as the results came in, the parents rained insults on him. The student was despondent. He didn’t know who to approach.

His friends who knew of his plight took him along as they went to meet a particular teacher who they knew could help.

The teacher listened to him quietly. Then, he took him over to his balcony and pointed at the evening sky and said that look at how limitless that sky is. Your mind is also like that. Limitless in terms of creativity.

Let me just tell you how you will do well.

You will remain creative forever and perceptions about you by your people will change.

People cannot be how you want them to be. Parents, especially. They have their own thoughts and ambitions. All you need to do is to do the best possible in ways that you can implement well. You must be sure that you did try your best.

People don’t reject, it’s their behaviour that fails.
Handling rejection

So, note their intentions behind all those insults. Note that they actually want you to succeed. Yeh reasons could be their own. But you get to succeed. And that’s a nice thing. So, do you best. Use your creativity to find solutions to your subject problems. And then when you start getting things right, their objections won’t matter.

Let your vibrations influence everyone.

Enjoy the fact that you are among people. You don’t have to be dependent. But enjoy the fact that people care and occasionally respond. Allowing you to do so too. So care for others, without expectations. Things will turn for the good.

Love and accept yourself unconditionally. It’s that self respect that will matter in the end. Remind yourself that your inner strength built up by regular meditation will make you impervious to criticism.

The student practiced what the teacher told him diligently. Over the next few months and through the exams he showed amazing improvement. The results came and he was at the top of his class. The parents were left wondering how did all that happen!!

Let us revise our affirmations – Handling rejection

I am a loveful being.

I accept myself.

I say only the right words to myself.

Family and friends are important to me.

They love me.

They may behave in certain ways which I do not agree with. Behaviours which are not respectful for me.

They may say something which is not right for me.

I take a moment of silence.

I counsel myself.

Their intentions are right.

They love me. They always will.

Positive Mind. Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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