Hard Work : No Shortcuts, No Secrets

“Be committed to work hard. Your dedication and perseverance is a guarantee to your success.”

When we talk about scholars, outstanding sports person or successful business person, we highlight their talent. We sometimes don’t acknowledge their years of passionate hard work. Even if someone lacks talent, hard work can take them to peaks of success. Conversely, even if someone is extremely talented take can’t be very successful without sincere efforts.

  1. You are the creator of your destiny. To create a beautiful destiny set meaningful goals, covering all areas: self transformation, fitness, relationship and career.
  2. Meditate and exercise daily to energize yourself. Create an affirmation of your plan for that day. Visualise yourself following that planned to perfection. Do this every hour to radiate right energy to yourself and to your tasks.
  3. Remember that working hard doesn’t tire you, but a negative mind set exhausts you. Think right about yourself, other people and your task. External factors are unpredictable but remember that your efforts always pay off.
  4. Appreciate your progress. If there are obstacles, or if your progress is slower or if you make mistakes, they are a part of your journey. Trust yourself. Remain calm and persevere. Success is certain for you.

Hard Work – The Story

The newly graduated MBA son wanted to opt for a fat paycheck being offered by a multinational corporation. However, his father wanted him to accept a comparably lower paycheck and work in a place far off from the city.

The father also insisted the son to look beyond the obvious.

The son said that he was unable to see anything great beyond the fact that a better offer and a better working condition beckoned him.

The father said that precisely the same working condition would make him lazy and instill a false sense of pride that would not allow him to work hard. It could also produce a perception of working hard whereas actually he wouldn’t be doing much except preparing statistical charts that would be used by his seniors to predict markets.

On the other hand, this other job would allow him to travel to the vast land of theirs, meet people, hustle, make sales, talk about strategies, work hard with retail stores in putting up the product correctly, spend hours standing and watching people buy and sell. The son could learn at all hours. Then, he could train people. Finally, savour the results of his own hard work that went into the sales of his region. And earn his incentives too!

The son protested a bit and then it dawned that his father was actually asking him to just work hard now and proposing that there was no alternative.

You are the creator of your destiny.

The son laid the foundation for self-transformation. He worked hard with his abilities, worked hard on his fitness and agility and achieved his goals and objectives. It was simply that.

Visualise and follow the path of unending perfection.

He meditated to get the spiritual and ethical compass strengthened. Then he could pursue his goals honestly. He was advised by his father to visualise his goals every hour. Achieve small wins every day. Reset goals where required to achieve more and keep working hard. Intense work would get him closer to the destination.

Appreciate your own progress and trust your journey.

There could be failures but all he had to do was learn from them and move on. Make it better the next time. He could wonder if it is all worth it, but the journey itself was worth it, with all the lessons, experiences, highs and lows. Anyway, it is better to be a learner lifelong. That mindset would bring him the most success.

One never tires because of hard work. One tires because of a negative mindset and the baggage it brings. So the son was to remind himself to work hard, nurture the positive, create value in everything he does and keep looking ahead.

The son did all of it. He joined the second option of employment. He put in immense efforts, toiling hard and rising up the ranks. In no time, he was spotted by the company as talent. They nurtured him well. He rose to be a Country Manager of the company, in a nation that was far away from his own land.

Let’s revise our affirmations to work hard and manifest success (Speak out to you) –

  • I am a powerful being.
  • Whether it is a change in my feelings and behaviour. A lifestyle change. A decision to heal a relationship or work goals. I am hard working.
  • I am committed.
  • Success is certain for me.
  • I strengthen mind and body to give more than my capacity during the day.
  • Situations may be favourable, maybe not. People may co-operate may not. My sincerity and efforts surpass every challenge.
  • Success is certain for me.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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