Heal your inner Environment

Protecting our environment is not just about taking external measures. Our own state of mind and our vibrations which are constantly radiating are equally important. Each time we create love, care or empathy, we are healing the environment. Each time we are angry, stressed or scared, we are polluting the environment.

  1. Your intentions, thoughts, feelings and emotions are vibrations which constantly alter the planet’s vibrations. Your thoughts affect your mind, impacts your body, influence mind of other people, and radiate into the environment.
  2. Your vibrations influence people, plants, animals,and even the 5 elements. Your every thought either heals or hurts the environment,
  3. Meditate 20 mins respecting and giving gratitude to the environment for sustaining you. Radiate blessing of peace and love.
  4. Regardless of people and situations, respond with pure thoughts and ethical behaviours. Remember that purity, peace and love are your original qualities. By using them in your actions and interactions, you raise the vibrations of the world.

The sage sat there laughing as the landlord kept seething with anger about the government and the scarce water resources.

The sage had come over to that village one day out of the blue and started living under the shade of a tree. The landlord had one day gotten down from his tractor while going home after surveying his farms. He spoke to the sage. They got along and he invited him home. At home, after a small meal, the sage said that he likes the place and the people. The landlord requested him to build a temple there. He would fund it.

The sage had stayed back and built the temple. And over years, the temple had become famous. The agriculture in the area also flourished and brought in a boom.

But now the landlord was sitting and bad mouthing the government. The sage sat laughing. The landlord was surprised and asked why.

The sage said that you loved your farms and took care of your environment and it did well. Your state of mind because of this temple and all the happy people who come here gave your farms more positive vibrations and they kept giving you the bounty.

And now you are angry. For something that you anyway cannot control. And your anger will create negative vibration that will flow to the farms here. You are polluting the environment and so I am laughing so that maybe through my laughing, the vibrations shall disappear.

Your intentions, thoughts, feelings and emotions alter the planet’s vibrations around you.

He told the landlord that his intentions, thoughts and feelings are vibrations that constantly alter the planet’s vibrations around him. His thoughts affect his mind and body, influence minds of others and radiate into the environment.

All these years it is he who has succeeded in bringing prosperity to the village. Why spoil it today through unnecessary negativity?

Respect the sustenance provided by the environment around you.

The sage suggested a new method to keep the negativity away. Meditate for 20 minutes every morning. Respect the sustenance provided by the environment to you. Seek their blessings. Maybe, even the government will bend down as your prosperity and influence increases.

Use your positive vibrations to influence the environment and the five elements in it.

Regardless of the situation, you can be pure and powerful, righteous and ethical. Remind yourself, that with such righteous power, you can use the positive vibrations to influence plants, animals and people around you and the right things shall happen. You can influence the five elements of existence. Peace and love shall reign.

The landlord did what he was told. One day, the government sent its officers to see what the village was doing and categorical changes in its water resource allocation took place immediately as they understood how the village farms were booming!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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