How to apologize sincerely and effectively?

An apology is a lovely perfume, it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.

Despite doing our best in every scene, we make mistakes at times. But what we see in our own experience is that making mistakes is pardonable as long as we admit our fault and ask for forgiveness. That is the right direction to move forward. 

  1. Give your best in every scene. If you still experience flaws or failures, accept them to be a part of your journey. Check that you did your best, take the lesson and move on.
  2. If you feel you action or behaviour was not right, you can sense your ego urging you to cover up and blame someone. Admit your fault and sincerely ask for forgiveness from everyone affected – It could be a child, a junior colleague, even a stranger.
  3. Face consequences bravely. Give the other person time to heal from their pain. Make all possible efforts to rectify the situation. Learn and be determined not to repeat.
  4. Don’t go into guilt or shame. They weaken you further and increase the probability of making mistakes. Love and forgive yourself to get the strength to move on. You relationships start healing.

The manager had led the team through some very good financial results over the last few years. He had become complacent and had taken his success for granted. But the cosmos does not provide such grants. A few competitors crept up and his company was whipped in the marketplace. The results, of course, were bad.

The National Manager took the opportunity to berate the manager who, otherwise, was looked upon as an asset. So, the conversation was as to how he, the asset, could do such a mistake.

The manager, laden with ego, failed to see his own mistake and started looking out towards other companies in the hope that someone would provide him with an offer

But all he had to do was ask for forgiveness for the mistake and move on. No one was berating him personally. It was just a bad result that the National Manager was displeased about.

Intentionally or unintentionally, we make mistakes. Knowing how to own up to mistakes, admitting our wrongdoings, needs us to shift from ego to humility. Let us see how we can seek forgiveness and make a new beginning.

Do your best and if failures happen, learn adequately from them and move on.

Do your best every time. If there are flaws left that you don’t know of, or if failures happen, simply accept them and move on. Check for lessons to be learnt. Make a note where necessary. But move on.

Ask for forgiveness for the fault before your ego steps in and creates havoc.

If you sense that your actions or behaviour has not been right and if you sense your ego coming in to put the blame on others, admit your fault and ask for forgiveness. From everyone affected: friends, colleagues or even strangers.

Face consequences and give other people the balm to take away their pain because of your undoing.

Face the consequences bravely. It won’t take anything away but makes you stronger. Your right attitude will give the affected people some solace. You can also check how to rectify. And do rectify as much as possible. Be determined not to repeat the same mistake.

Don’t go into guilt or shame. Learn and move on. Remind yourself that you still count among nice human beings. Asking for forgiveness retains your goodwill with others and creates more binding interpersonal relationships.

The manager finally did ask for forgiveness for his faults and the company found the good in him to keep him in a leadership role again. He proved their decision by leading the team through another steep profit curve the very next year.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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