How To Combat Exam Stress?

“I am always well prepared and powerful to face any exam, be it from life or academics.”

Are you a student who let’s exam pressure affect you? Check if your thoughts ponder, if you cannot focus on the subject, if you feel distracted, or if you cannot recall what you studied. All these leads to lack of preparedness for exams, anxiety, stress and fear of bad results.

  1. Remember that peace and calmness are your internal creation, while an exam is an external event. So, exam or studies are never the cause of stress. Your thoughts of distraction, anxiety or fear creates stress.
  2. Exercise, meditate and study spiritual knowledge every morning to consciously choose a response of stability throughout the day. Practise responding with calm and ease every time there is a challenging situation. This conserves your energy. This creates a habit to be calm and stable in a difficult situation. This energy gives you the emotional strength to face your exams confidently.
  3. During study breaks, listen, watch or read only positive information. Pay attention to how you use media and social media. Negative conversation, conflict, judgement and gossip deplete your energy.
  4. Stay away from distractions while studying. Revise your affirmations every hour with conviction. Practice healthy and disciplined eating habits. Wake up early and sleep early. Revise your affirmations as the last thought for the day.

Listen and combat exam stress


Combat exam stress – The Story

The student was despondent. He had worked hard for his pre-boards. However, on the last day, just before his physics exam, he realised that he didn’t remember anything. He was solving a practice paper and was supposed to get things right but instead he got it all wrong. He was forgetting things. He was unable to remain analytical, unable to write anything at all.

He was getting a complete brain freeze. All the preparations were about to go down the drain. It was a panic situation. The father understood and immediately rushed to the teacher’s house. The teacher, came over swiftly with a torch and a piece of paper upon hearing the matter.

He gave the torch to the student. He told him to take a round of the lanes in the town and come back in an hour. After that he had to make a map of the entire town with the important office and store locations.

The father was aghast. He protested that his son was about to fail and what’s this test?

The teacher motioned him to stay calm. The student went out and after an hour came back. He drew an impeccable map of the town. The teacher smiled. He turned around and told the father, “See, he’s got the sharpest memory. Now, all he has to do is to just see and visualise all his lessons once, only once.”

Check your thoughts, as distraction, anxiety or fear causes bad results.

Your normal state of mind is peace and calm. That’s how you are with family, friends, and even when alone. So, why get disturbed when studies come along? Why destroy your inner creation? Exams or studies don’t create stress. The thoughts that lead you astray do. Control them.

Develop your inner strength and thereby provide the emotional heft to be confident while doing exams.

Exercise, meditate, and gain spiritual knowledge every morning. Give enough value to your emotional stability through your inner strength that’s developed. Respond with your stability. It will all pay off brilliantly during the exams. It will be as if the subject is on song and all around you.

Do the other things well too.

Combat Exam Stress

Wake up early and sleep early. Stay away from all digital distractions. Visualise yourself, giving the exam with ease. Revise your affirmations to keep your confidence up. Eat well and eat healthy. Don’t indulge in idle gossip at home or with friends.

Negative conversation, conflict, judgement, and negative news should be avoided at this time. Remind yourself that tests and exams are a way to validate your own scholarly excellence and one can achieve only through minimalist living and high thinking.

The student took all the thoughts to mind as he prepared that night. His teacher had showed him the way. He was functioning well. He needed to be ready for the last burst. The day came and he gave the exam. He got 100/100. A feat unparalleled in their school!

Let us revise our affirmations to combat exam stress

I am a powerful being.

I meditate daily.

I nourish my mind with spiritual knowledge every morning.

I am untouched by energies of situations or people.

I lead a disciplined life.

I meditate for five minutes before I start studying.

I visualise my study goals before studying.

I meditate before I sleep.

I sleep early.

I wake up early.

I am in no comparison or competition with others.

I perform more than my capacity.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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