How to do Everything Willingly – Overcome Unwillingness

“Your willingness and heart in your task will make you more efficient.”

We have the choice to create a beautiful life. Yet we remain unhappy and regret our choice, be it our academic course, career or relationships. Unwillingness keeps us stuck at levels lower than our potential.

  1. Choose to do what aligns with your values and priorities. Never say “I have no other choice”. Even if you choose what someone advised – out of love, respect or fear – the decision was yours. Never say “I had no choice”. Never regret your decision. It’s your choice. Give your best and take personal responsibility for the outcome.
  2. Meditate daily. Create high energy thoughts about yourself and your work. Don’t seek validation, recognition or motivation from others.
  3. Be happy while working towards the goal, happiness is not a feeling to be experienced after reaching your goal. Do not complain for crib about your work. Do not be judgemental about those working with you. Contentment, stability and happiness within you manifest into success outside.
  4. Cooperate with everyone, do not compare or compete. Let your peace and passion reflect in your performance. Remain stable in the face of challenges and unexpected behaviour from people.

The young man had again left another job. His despondent parents approached a teacher who lived in the same locality to help the young lad who didn’t seem to know what was it that he wanted to do.

The teacher had a preliminary talk with the young man and found out that he was of a scholarly type and anything that did not appeal to his intellect or maturity levels didn’t interest him. He became unhappy with the job he did and subsequently left it.

The teacher asked if he enjoyed the idea of making money. Yes, he was very enthusiastic about making money. So, then the teacher asked him as to what would appeal to him. Which profession is it that would interest him. And a profession that can also provide him the money he wanted to make.

Work on something of interest, that aligns with your virtues, knowledge, values and practices.

The young man mulled over it and then said that he would be interested in something that would involve mathematics on a daily basis. The teacher asked him to become a share trader. He asked him to learn the trading principles on the net. The young man did and started work at another trader’s office on the recommendation of the teacher.

The young man was asked to dress comfortably in colours he liked and arrive at office dot on time. He had to have a nice but light breakfast that would allow him to concentrate on work. He was asked to set up his desk as per his needs. Pens, paper, keyboards, calculators, notepads and pencils.

Create high energy thoughts about yourself and the work you do.

Then, he had to do some meditation to focus his mind. And get to work. He could notch up his wins and have a close look at them when the going was not so good. But he revelled in the thrills of lofty calculations and was happy about his prowess at work.

Work for a higher cause and do not compare or compete.

He was happy, content and creative on a daily basis and flaunted his excellence to others. He co-operated and also freely showcased his work strategy. He followed the principles like a dream as he was now genuinely benefitting from the schedule and the regimen.

The happiness, contentment and the passion translated into success and money. That translated into good behaviour with others around him.

In no time, he was being hailed as a good trader. He was called by the media to showcase his talents. Like him, one needs to remind himself that to be happy at work, one needs to find passion for the work and look for soul in that work. Then happiness would be natural and work would be meaningful.

The young man was a nearly a millionaire even before he had married. He is now creating his own online trading platform for mathematically gifted kids.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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