How to get rid of Irritation?

The lady was the owner of a designer house. It was a modestly successful business. She had a list of regular clients who admired and bought her work. She also had a regular set of cutters and tailors who loved working for her at all times.

But competition had come in the form of designer wear websites. People found it easy to order from them. So, her clients dwindled. She tried to stay ahead of her competition by being more proactive through a new website and attending all calls that came. But the business took a downturn.

She became worried. Insecurity about her livelihood led her to become irritable from the mental fatigue. She tussled with her emotions. It was a losing tussle. The stress showed. She lashed out at her staff. She lashed out at her uncomprehending family. Everyone was surprised.

The staff were the first to leave. The family, of course, could not. But it brought them to the edge. There had to be a remedy.

A close friend of hers stepped in.

Spend 30 minutes at the start of the day to meditate, be spiritual and be one with your mind to alter the frame of mind completely. This would smash the irritation from the root.

Instead of the counselling route, the friend decided to take her along with herself and root out the problems at the base. She got her to take a break in a hill station. They woke up early and walked to a spot where no one would be around. Then, the friend told the lady to spend 30 minutes with herself, meditate and maybe even be spiritual. The calm had to alter her mindscape and press the right emotional buttons. There would be a reset in her perspective towards life and work.

Use at least 30 minutes to exercise and feed the mind the positive energy to nourish you through the day.

Then, a minimum of 30 minutes was spent on free hand exercise in the cool air of the hills. Exercise always brings about a nourishment in the mind and body, but this had to become a habit. The drill, the timing and the relentlessness of the regimen brought about additional adrenalin flow that creatively boosted her for the day.

Utilize the time of the day to nurture the positive mind, eat well, rest well and allow your mind to create magic.

Then, the friend brought her to the maxim that she was to follow in the later days after resuming her work and life away from the hill station. She was to remind herself, “I am peaceful human being, everything is perfect, and I shall ensure that by eating a healthy and balanced diet, sleep well, wake up early and welcome the nature into my schedule.”

It turned. The lady found her enthusiasm again. She managed to make time for everything without irritation because of her new regimen and used that time to create great designs and run her ship well. Her business soared again. The clients were overjoyed.

She was now the master of her situation.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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