How To Get Rid Of Prejudices

“Clean your mind and hold and unbiased view about everyone. Don’t hold, get rid of prejudices.”

Our prejudices can create barriers between our own beliefs and the reality. Sometimes we cannot justify why we prefer one person over another, why we dislike a place or why we reject a product. The more prejudiced we are, the more unreasonable we become.

  1. Your appearance, position, culture, nationality, religion – are what you have acquired, it’s not who you are. So don’t connect with people as role to role or position to position. It creates thoughts of superiority or inferiority, leading to prejudice.
  2. If your mind is not thinking right for someone or something, check if you are prejudiced due to social conditioning or public approval. Check the belief and change your opinion.
  3. Connect to people through your original qualities of respect and humility. Your qualities are your own. Use them with everyone, in every situation and every time. If you are polite with one person and arrogant with another, based on who they are, then you are depleting your quality.
  4. Meet people with clean mind, deleting past impressions you hold about them. Perceive them with the new way of thinking and a new behaviour.

Get Rid Of Prejudices – The Story

The mother came to stay with her son. In no time, she had started being reasonable to the son’s wife. Her daughter-in-law. Her preconceived belief that her son wasn’t been looked after well by the spouse had started to govern her words and actions.

Next, she found that the house help were from a different community and that weighed on her thoughts too. She treated them differently.

Some guests who came home had different beliefs and she refused to acknowledge them because she felt her beliefs were superior and therefore she couldn’t behave well with them.

The son decided to teach her a new way of being with people and enjoy the fruits of social living.

Not easy. Here was a woman who had become a senior with hardened beliefs. But he had to try.

Appearance, position, culture, nationality and religion is acquired, it’s not who you are.

It took him awhile to make the mother understand that. That she wasn’t to make connections on the basis of positions or roles or races. There could arise thoughts of superiority otherwise, leading to prejudice. Even if she denied it. So she had to avoid.

Your social conditioning or public opinions do not matter. Drop those beliefs to wipe away bias, to get rid of prejudices

Her way of living, her beliefs about love, happiness, respect, anger, stress were often created based on social conditioning, even though they were not right for her. Not thinking on her own made her suffer with bias. He made her see that.

Connect with people with your original qualities of respect and humility.

The son insisted that respect and humility were her original qualities. He urged her to discover them. Uncover them. Bring them back. Empower herself. Get rid of arrogance and remain humble. He showed her examples of how she could be respectful of people.

The mother was advised to always meet people with a clean mind. She had to drop expectations and accept people as they were. In order to experience respect and to give others respect she need to be in a state of self-respect.

She is trying to be better. Deep seated prejudice does not go away in a day. But she’s trying. She’s starting to get along and going for daily walks with the neighbourhood seniors. Which she had never done before!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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