How to Handle Food Cravings?

“Be disciplined to eat healthy and in limits. Cravings should not have a place in your diet.”

Even for people who stick to right lifestyle disciplines, craving for food hits like a huge wave. Unable to withstand its intensity, they give in to the temptation to eat something which is not right for them.

  1. Nourish your body with freshly cooked nutritious food, at set times. Eat every meal mindfully, without distractions. Eat for health, not for happiness.
  2. Craving is a habit formed by your intense liking for a certain food, desiring more of it and repeatedly consuming it. Never create thoughts such as – “I cannot resist this… I cannot stop eating… I need this now…” Check these thoughts and change them immediately.
  3. Change your thoughts to, I am in total control of what I eat and what I drink. I easily say No to overeating and No to unhealthy food.
  4. Set a timeline of 15 days or a month, until when you will not have that food, no matter what. Thereafter, have it only out of choice, not out of need. You are the master of your mind don’t allow food to dilute your emotional strength.

The professor had started to become a person of ridicule in his college. He wasn’t fitting into his suit anymore. He walked with short steps and a clumsy swaying motion. His cheeks had started to cover his mouth. It was literally a “ballooning” situation.

Some mischievous students brought him more food. Sandwiches, pizzas and milk shakes crowded his office table. He couldn’t say no at all. He passed by a cafeteria on campus and inevitably landed up buying something. It was crazy.

A new lecturer on the campus spotted how people were ridiculing this nice man. A man who just couldn’t stop putting food in his mouth.

She decided to help him. Food cravings are strong feelings. She had to turn his thoughts around from an intense desire for food in all forms.

She met him and slowly over a few days stated her intent that she would mend his ways with food forever.

Nourish your body with freshly cooked nutritious food, at set times.

He was given a schedule. There was an incentive and penalization too. He had to eat every meal without distractions. He was to eat for health and not for happiness. A lot of food was cut off from his diet chart.

Cravings for food is overcome by self checks and goal celebration.

Each goal of a kilogram reduction was celebrated. That brought about a greater happiness within and cravings were given up over a period. He was even allowed a cheat day by her. On that day, they walked to a plaza they landed up at salad bars and splurged.

Master your mind and don’t allow food to dilute your resolve.

Sweets, desserts and fatty food were taken off his chart. But she did that by educating him on good or bad food. Or overeating. She set up timelines of staying away from a certain kind of food. It worked.

She changed his thoughts and made him remind himself everyday that he was strong in mind and had the control to keep off unhealthy food habits. He needed to chase nourishment rather than taste. He could bring about change and not just think about it.

The professor became a new man. He dropped 20 kgs. She even put him on a regular walking regimen. He’s getting fitter and healthier than ever. And his food cravings? Down to Zero.

Let’s revise affirmations to overcome food cravings –

I am a happy being.

I lead a disciplined life.

I eat a high energy diet.

I eat for health not for happiness.

I eat at the right time.

Eating is my time.

People around me choose what they eat. I make my choice. I discipline my mind with live. My mind understands.

If my mind asks for more I gently discipline it.

I am emotionally independent. Master of my mind and body.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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