How To Influence People With Your Thoughts

“I radiate thoughts vibrations of what is right for people, to help them take right decisions.”

When we see certain behaviours of loved ones which we feel are not right for them, we advice them to change. But if they are not keen, our words get ignored.

  1. Sometimes, people may not accept your advice or suggestions due to their ego. At other times they may lack the power to implement your words. Do not argue with them, criticise or insist. Use your thought power to positively influence them.
  2. Remember that every thought you create for someone is energy which travels as vibrations. It transcends barriers of space and time, reaches that person and influences them.
  3. During meditation emerge that person on the screen of your mind. Send them pure and powerful vibrations of the change you desire to see in them. It could be relating to their health, happiness, habits, career, relationships, finances, anything.
  4. Even during the day, create powerful thoughts for them, for example create thoughts for someone’s health as, “He is a happy being. Every cell of his body is filled with love, purity and power. His treatment is giving him perfect health.” Your vibrations elevate their energy field and empower them to heal.

Let’s revise our affirmations to spread positive thoughts


Thoughts – The Story

The cricket captain was a change seeker. He wanted to uproot all the old systems and orders set up within the team. That included a few team members as well. He did exactly that. He then brought in some new team members and gave them his understanding, expectation, and his unstinted support.

He never spoke much. After telling them about what he wanted from them, he pretty much left them alone to figure out what they had to do. On field, he was highly inspirational. He set up fields with clear understanding. The new team members sensed what he wanted to do through the vibrations of his decisions. They responded. Seeing the new ones, the old team members who did not want to be left behind also fell in line and responded wonderfully to his vibrations.

After an initial period, he didn’t have to speak anymore. Right from the beginning of any game, everyone knew their drill. He just told about how the pitch was going to act and that was it. They all responded magically.

The batsmen knew what was to be done. Most of the time, he showed the way to the top. They just took in the good vibes he created and thrived on that later. The bowlers and the fielders instinctively did the right things, more often than not. He simply voiced a correction once in a while.


He developed smaller units of fielders and bowlers and batsmen who spoke among themselves and who corrected things among themselves. It was the most inspirational captaincy seen in cricket in a long while.

Although he hardly spoke!

Use your thought power to positively influence people.

People may not accept your advice or suggestions due to their own ego. They may lack the power to implement what’s told. Don’t argue or insist. Use your thought power like the captain.

Thought is energy and it travels as vibrations.

It transcends all barriers effortlessly. People register thoughts even though they are most unwilling to listen. They are influenced, always. The captain placed his thoughts wonderfully.

Use your inner strength to create and govern great thoughts.

Meditation helps you create the strength and therefore, the thoughts. Send your people the pure vibrations of those thoughts and seek the change. The captain did so. He could influence their play, health, relationship, literally everything.

Even during injuries, he influenced his players to come out of them sooner by sending positive energy to the person suffering. He reminded himself that their well being and performance depended on what he gave them in the mind. The rest will work out. It did.

The captain, now long retired, is still hailed as one of the great captains across the world. Even today, his small acts of inspiration are spoken about in motivation seminars across the nation.

Let us revise our affirmations

I am a pure being.

I understand people.

I advice for their good.

I use few words.

I suggest the change they need to make.

I radiate the same advice as pure thoughts daily, as an affirmation to them daily.

I believe it, feel it, radiate it to them.

They may behave their old way. My vibrations influence their vibrations.

Their mind starts working on my message.

They create the change.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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