How to Stop Procrastination – Stop Postponing tasks

“Strengthen your willpower and discipline to weaken procrastination tendencies.”

Most of us have struggled with moments of procrastination, where we have postponed important tasks. We don’t get to them until it is too late. We are ready with our excuses, but we are not ready to remove the mental block that is causing us to postpone things. 

  1. Practicing self-care regularly with meditation and exercise, prepares you to take care of your responsibilities. Your mind and body are energised to support you well throughout the day. 
  2. Create an effective daily plan with timelines, by balancing all aspects – personal time, family time, work and leisure. Visualise yourself accomplishing everything perfectly and in time. 
  3. Procrastination often results from fear, lack of motivation, laziness or ignorance. None of these can be reduced with time, until you make efforts to change. Don’t fear failure and don’t waste time. If you are not sure how to do something, learn and take action. 
  4. Identify any 3 tasks that you have been postponing –  maybe paying the bill, calling up a new friend, or learning a new skill. Take them up today. Do this with three more tasks next week. Gradually shift from procrastination to accuracy and punctuality. 

The Story of Procrastination –

The young man sat on the sofa early in the morning and kept on fiddling with his mobile.

His mother walked in and asked him to bring the medicine he was to get since the last three days. He did not respond. His brother walked in asked if he had booked his tickets to a city he was to go to for his exams. He responded that he hadn’t but he would. His wife turned up a while later and asked if he had gotten the grocery. He promised he would.

The father sat at the dining table and watched what was going on.

He knew that his son wasn’t going to be finishing all the jobs even today as he was a habitual procrastinator. He called his son.

He asked him to mend his ways and do his assigned jobs immediately. The son still took the reprimand with an irritated face. That’s when the father said that the choice between procrastination or scheduled completion of work lay with the son. Or he can risk the deletion of his name from the father’s will.

That jolted the son. He hated to lose some ancestral property or cash coming his way.

But that’s not the point. Scheduled completion of jobs is a great habit. One needs to train for it and one’s mind needs to attune itself to the self-discipline to transform.

Align your body and mind to your goals for the day.

Meditation helps set the inner peace and makes space in the mind for creating and executing the objectives of the day. It brings in the clarity required. A daily exercise also tones up the body and supports the mind.

Create an effective daily plan.

A schedule of jobs always helps. It makes space in between all the major jobs or meetings so that you can attend to the minor bits too. You can then think through each work or decision with clarity because of the time allocated. Create an affirmation of your day’s goals and visualise yourself as having already accomplished them with ease.

Don’t fear failure and so don’t waste time.

You are only in control of your efforts. You are not in control of what happens before or after your work. That’s left to other forces. Simply rely on your abilities and your skills. There’s nothing to fear and waste time thinking too much. Just do it.

You can accomplish more as you take up this kind of a routine. Remind yourself that you are intelligent and hard working, you have your body and mind ready for the day, you have the skills needed and you can accomplish anything that you set your mind on.

The son was jolted into this discipline by a father who gave a warning. Anyone can recognize the damage procrastination is causing them and their family, and get life organized before it’s too late.

Sit back and lets revise our affirmation to overcome procrastination.

I am a wise being. 

I take my every decision. 

I am responsible for the consequences of every decision. 

I am responsible for the right use of my time and my energies. 

I am sincere. 

I am disciplined. 

I prepare my to do list for the day. 

I prepare my to be list for the day. 

I choose. I decide. I implement immediately. 

I am committed. 

I am accurate.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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