I am busy. I have no Time

Let’s say, your father is alone at home. You are a busy person. Office, meetings, commitments, friends, socialising, kids, spouse, and entertainment. The urban thing that most of us do.

Your father wishes to speak to you. And your response is, “Busy, can we talk this evening or later? It is an instinctive response. Without thought. It is a mindset response. Old man. At home. What does he know about my troubles. Low priority. Will make some other time for him.

But does it happen?

No, because we treat time as a commodity that we do not have enough of. It just passes by and we are perennially short. Over-committing to various things. Under delivering.

Let’s stop saying “I’m busy”.

“Busy” is turbulence. “Busy” is neither here nor there. “Busy” is a protection for nothing.

We do not enjoy people, life’s finer moments, life’s better priorities, we do not beat stress, we waste time, and therefore play catch up all the while. For no reason, if you look deeply. It’s like when you read three newspapers and then four online news portals for news. For no reason. You get the same politics, cricket, and movies related items everywhere. This is what we do when we pretend “busy”. Do inane stuff.

‘Busy’ implies we have no time for anything.

We have responsibilities. Pressures and expectations engulf us. To make all this happen correctly for an order in our lives, we must stay away from being “Busy”. Our schedules should make space for leisure, meeting people, listening, speaking, and ultimately creatively engaging with people. Because that yields the most returns, monetarily and emotionally. This way we can even go on for 16 hours every day.

Saying “I am easy, I have enough time.” keeps us calm and efficient.

Probably, the ignored father can teach a few things about this. Just ask once!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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