Importance Of Knowledge Sharing

“The one excellent sign of thorough knowledge is the power of Teaching.”


Unlike money, a deposit of knowledge will only increase as we spend it. Yet we commonly find people reluctant about sharing what they know. Barriers of insecurity, ego, fear or a lack of empathy stop them from helping other people.

  1. Whatever you have learned in life was because someone willingly shared their knowledge. Now it’s your turn to pass along what you know, do not let knowledge stop with you.
  2. Be confident, humble and approachable. Let people feel comfortable to ask questions, discuss issues or seek suggestions. Whether it takes a minute or an hour, understand there needs, and willingly share your skills, talents, ideas and experiences.
  3. Don’t hold back, fearing that someone who learns from you becomes better than you. When people perform well, celebrate their success. The contentment you feel and the blessings you earn will propel you to incredible success.
  4. Be happy to explain everything that you know. Serve people with your knowledge and do it selflessly.

Share what you know.

“Let’s bring him in,” said the Chairman.

“And what is he going to do when he is going to be here? As we know he is going to demand a hefty salary to be an Advisor to this company and maybe we will not be able to afford him at all even after he improves things.” said the Financial Director.

The Chairman knew this question would arise. He just read from the sheet of paper in front of him. He explained that the advisor had started life after a technology degree in the mines as an Assistant Manager. The group he was previously employed with was so impressed with his work in the mines that they moved him to Head Office. He was in Aden when civil strife broke out there. He ensured the employees were taken care of and were safe. The company promoted him to Director. The production was consistently 10% above budget. He made a new township work and a new community thrive. Then, he handled Human resources. He had reached out to industries and startups that no fund would reach out to and made a success of practically all of them. His expertise was priceless.

And the best part is that he contributes his knowledge freely to everyone in the organization all day long, all the while, patiently and diligently. He does not care about his redundancy in such aspects. Unlike most others who fear being outperformed by the same people who learn from them.

So, the Chairman’s words prevailed and the Advisor came into the company.

Keep yourself open to giving ideas and sharing knowledge to anyone anywhere, for it increases your stature.

In a month, the bunch of company executives were making a beeline to his office and his presence was required all over. He carried valuable knowledge that came from his own various roles, skills, ideas, resources, expertise and experiences.

Pass along your entire knowledge and world view as it makes others adept and so they contribute to your knowledge too.

He passed all his wisdom along in consumable conversations and lectures. He did not stop at any point. There was nothing that fazed him and he inculcated the same fearlessness in the manufacturing and the sales teams.

Be humble and happy sharing knowledge and allocate a portion of your time to this, in a day.

Always humble and forever happy, he was approachable by all sorts and fielded questions, discussed issues and gave suggestions continuously.

Don’t hold back for fear of someone getting better than you, as you anyway would be learning again through him. Remind yourself that you are a competent and talented individual, and what you share today shall come back to you multifold in the future because of your good deed.

The Advisor has led this new organization to a 27% increase in topline in one year!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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