Karmas: Keep a Profitable Balance

Our every thought, word and action are the energy we create. It’s our karma. If we create good karmas, our karmic balance sheet is profitable. Every wrong karma brings a negative consequence.

  1. Your every thought, word and action are your karma. It’s the energy you create and radiate to the world. When you create the energy, you are the first one to experience it.
  2. Every karma will have a consequence. Your every thought, word and behaviour influences your feelings, health and relationships. Your karma is creating your destiny. While choosing a karma you also choose it’s consequence.
  3. The way people behave with you, is their karma, they are writing their destiny. How you respond to them is your karma. Your karma writes your destiny. Create right karmas regardless of people’s behaviour.
  4. Share, care, co-operate, forgive, radiate happiness. Even if you are not getting desired results, don’t let your karma decline.
  5. At every moment, consequence of a past karma is coming to you. Your response is your present karma which is deciding your future too.
  6. Create pure intentions, right thoughts, give love, radiate happiness to everyone in every scene. Patience, peace and giving selflessly is your positive karma.

The engineer hadn’t thought of anything but his studies and work for a decade. His understanding of the communicative part of life was sketchy to say the least.

His thoughts weren’t positive. His words and actions were average. And as his peers kept going faster, he floundered. His words became sharper, loaded with sarcasm. His actions vindictive.

One day, he had an argument with his office colleagues that degenerated into an awful fracas. They ganged up and called him names. He left office early that day and sat in a coffee shop.

He wondered what was going wrong. He then read a book. It said that every thought, action and word from him created his karma. It was his creation. If the thoughts, actions or words were positive, it created good karma, or it became bad karma. His karmic balance sheet tilted towards profit or loss according to his own creations.

You create your own karma and you evolve because of your karma, not others.

The bigger thing was that he was the first to experience his own karma. It was like he was his own consumer first. So, if something was bad, he was to sample that first and then he was the biggest sufferer. It’s consequences.

Then came the other people. Of course, they too would behave as a direct result of your karma with them. And then they were creating their own karma. But how he would respond to the others, became his karma. So, creation and response were now his responsibilities.

Create the right karmas irrespective of people’s behaviour.

So, he was to create, share, care, co-operate, wish, forgive, forget, radiate happiness and positivity. Even if the results are not the best, let your karmas not decline. It will bring you lasting results some time.

At every moment, consequence of a past karma is coming to you and working for you.

His responsibility is his present karma, which is deciding his future also. He is to remind himself that he is wise, has good intentions, have good thoughts, good behaviour and radiate happiness. That will bring him good karma and a great future.

The engineer closed the book and charted a new way of doing things. His life is looking up and his family is thrilled with the new him!!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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