Kindness in Action

“Be kind always” is a line we frequently hear. Everyone around us is going through a struggle we don’t even know about. This is an important reason for us to strive to be kind to them, always. Every moment is a good time and an opportunity to be kind.

  1. Being kind means you care and value yourself and others. Kindness is your innate quality and it automatically radiates from you, until you block it with energies of ego, anger, indifference or greed.
  2. Talk to yourself with understanding and compassion, and then extend it to others. Forgive people, focus on their positives and radiate good wishes to them. Take care of the objects you own.
  3. Make caring, sharing and cooperating your daily mantra. When you implement this, you are the first recipient of your kindness.
  4. Offer kindness selflessly. Only give, give and give in all your actions and interactions. If you expect something in return, it’s a give and take, which amounts to business, not kindness.

The young man had grown up in a very humble and happy household. The father was a person who didn’t have any luxury growing up. He had studied well and so had gotten acceptance at a top technology institute. Then, a business degree from a leading University followed. And he managed to work with some leading companies across the globe. But, he retained the humility and happiness of yore. The young man imbibed all of it.

He found himself at the world’s best University studying economics. He held doors open for people. He waited till everyone sat at the table and helped them with food and servings. He helped others with their projects. He went to visit old professors who forgot things. He repaired bicycles for friends who couldn’t do such stuff. In short, he was kind and nice to everyone.

Everyone liked him. Loved him, in fact. A friend from his father’s hometown arrived for a holiday. He was aggressive and pushy by nature. He told off people. He clicked and waved at waiters in restaurants. He slammed doors on salesmen. And one day told the young man that he was studying in the world’s best University. He had to show it to people. He needed to strut a bit.

The young man waited till all the talk finished. Then, politely asked why he would do that? When anyway, all around, people are struggling. Why make them struggle more!

Kindness means caring and sharing.

What’s a University education if it cannot contribute even this? All this ego,anger, indifference or ignorance then will not go away. Your understanding and compassion is the only thing that you can contribute to others apart from your knowledge. Contribute and you will be a larger person. Forgive, forget and spread warmth. People need it. Focus on the positive in people.

Focus on the daily good towards others.

Caring and sharing needs to become your daily mantra. Why all this aggression? Instead, focus on the daily good. You will make friends and influence people at a dizzying speed. Offer kindness unconditionally. Keep giving. Give so much that others are bound to be influenced, and you will be most peaceful and creative.

Do the good things, give unconditionally.

Don’t expect anything else in return. Give-and-take business is called transactions. But this is kindness. Remind yourself that as a pure and powerful being, you can make your world a better place by being unconditionally kind and warm to people. You will have a great life.

The aggressive friend went back after a fortnight with the young man. He is trying to start being kind. It’s hard after a couple of decades being otherwise. But he’s trying! It matters!!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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