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“Be a lifelong learner – seek knowledge, learn, churn and educate yourself constantly.”

Learning in life should not be constrained by academic, professional or social boundaries. Our world is a vast sanctuary of knowledge, so it is wise to keep our mind open to explore and capture new learnings at every step.

  1. Keep your curiosity alive to learn everyday. Whether out of need, out of passion, evaluate yourself from time to time and see how to up skill.
  2. Look for something to learn from everyone in every situation. You can get valuable insights of either how to be or how not to be. When interacting, focus on people’s qualities. See how they handle pressure, how they respond differently or how they bring virtues into action.
  3. Be inspired by people’s goodness, imbibe the qualities and apply the learning in your situations. Even if you make mistakes, learn and be determined to be right the next time.
  4. If people around you do something better than you, don’t compare or compete, take them as an inspiration. Learn from them, but do not copy them. Imbibe the learning in your own way.

The boy was from a countryside village. He went to a school many miles away and when he couldn’t walk, the father or grandfather would carry him on their shoulders to school.

He passed intermediate school at the age of 15 and went on to do a degree in science from a decent college in another district of his state. Since they were of modest means, he couldn’t study more and had to look for a job.

He kept studying Chemistry with private teachers and also became a tutor himself to young kids to support his living. Then, for a year he taught Chemistry to college pupils in a college as an makeshift teacher. He had hit upon English and Bengali literature by then and like a hungry child, he devoured all literature he could find.

He passed a competitive exam and entered Government service. They asked him to learn Hindi. He did. He was an officer. So, he had to learn officious ways. He did. That included going to a club every evening and doing something worthwhile. He took up tennis and became a very good player.

Have curiosity and learn every day.

He married and his responsibilities increased. So, he learnt driving. He also learnt cooking as his wife didn’t keep well once in a while. He built up a passion for Bridge, a card game that was also a game of calculation. He became so good that he went on to represent the nation.

Look for something to learn and do in every situation.

He was approached by friends who said there isn’t anyone to do the Durga Puja as a pandit. He learnt the shastras and went on to do a great job with that too for years together. He expanded his profile as a Pandit to many other ceremonies and Pujas. He also took up Yoga and became an above average Yogi during this period.

Get inspired by people, their goodness and imbibe good things to learn and improve all the while.

He decided he wanted to learn more. Music happened because a friend of his was a hugely talented person and since he had not learnt any musical instruments, he took to writing lyrics. From there to poetry and literature was a short jump. He built up an enviable body of work skills and talents.

He made mistakes in his life but yet kept going and he inculcated the same in everyone around him. He reminded himself that as a powerful being his sole job was to learn and try to do new things and gain fresh experiences. Get inspired and in turn inspire people. He firmly believed in lifelong learning. He had been the first one in his government department to learn computer programming!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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