Letting Go : Why and How?

On the journey of life it is wise to travel light. We tend to carry hurtful past, disappointments, wrong habits, pains and fears. Letting go creates space for new ways of thinking, being and behaviour.

  1. When your mind is disturbed, check what it is thinking. It may be about past or future. Gently bring it into the present.
  2. Choose a right response in every scene. No blaming, judging or criticizing others.
  3. Even if someone betrayed you. Hurt was your creation. If the mind questions, why did they do this to me. Create thoughts, I let go, I understand people. I face situations with stability
  4. No one and nothing belong to you. Everything has come as per your karmic accounts. So let go of attachments or resentments about yourself, people and situations.
  5. Practise letting go in simple situations during the day. Letting go in a bigger situation will then come easy to you.
  6. Before going to sleep reflect on the day and release any uncomfortable emotion you have created during the day. Heal yourself and your relationships by letting go.

“Shift from one scene to the next with ease. Stay in the present, and let go of your old habits of blaming, worrying or criticizing. Only focus on others goodness.“

The old man sat quietly at the edge of the bed and watched his son who had just arrived back from abroad rave and rant about a lot of things.

He laughed seeing his son rant about his work, his career, the visa problems, the spouse’s family, his children, governments, relationships and everything else in between.

The son got even more angrier seeing his old father giggling at him. He asked what’s the big reason for laughing when he’s in so much distress.

The old father answered, “You and your first world distress. Stop it. You know what we, your parents, have been through. Driven out from our homes in another country, coming to this town with just two bags of rice. Sleeping under a bridge for months scrounging for food and water. Then, building a hut for you all to live. Making a school for the small children. Teaching them. Getting government acceptance and grants after a lot of effort. Sending you to college with everything that we had. Pawning our way through middle age. Sending you abroad. And even now counting pennies to live a simple life. Do we look back and cry? No, we have just let go.”

The son swallowed his retort and kept quiet. His fights and rage were nothing in front of the old man’s problems of the past.

He knew then that letting go created space for new ways of thinking, behaving and being. He shut up.

Direct your mind to the present and don’t worry about the past as that’s over and done with.

The father said that when the mind is disturbed, do what we did, check what it is thinking. It may be about past or future. Direct it into the present. Fight the present. Make that happen. Don’t worry as to what happened in the past.

You will need to choose a right response in every scene. No blaming, judging or criticising others. It makes no difference to anyone but you.

Nothing really belongs to you and so stop blaming people for what they do.

People betray. People stop being social to you. It’s normal. Not otherwise. You need to march on. Because nothing really belongs to you. Remember the karmic accounts? So, let go of attachments or resentments.

Let go, use small ways and means to commence letting go in everyday life.

Do one thing, practice letting go in simple situations during the day, letting go in a bigger situation will then come easy to you. Like, sugar in a meal or going to plush restaurants for no reason. Try these. Then attempt letting go of people or relationships. Before going to sleep, release that one uncomfortable emotion that you be unhappy about

Remind yourself that essentially you are happy and want to stay happy, you stay in the present, let go of old habits of blaming, worry and criticism. Focus on goodness all around you and make yourself light. You will be strengthened in the journey of life.

The young man, during that visit, could revisit his entire lifestyle and drop many a baggage. He went back to his country and work a new man!

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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