Need a better self control?

Self control is our ability to control our way of thinking, being and behaving. There are moments we get tempted to act differently, and we give in.

  1. Self control is a strength you can cultivate by exercising it in the simple scene of life.
  2. During meditation watch your thoughts, it helps to control your mind and create a beautiful relationship with it.
  3. Choose a powerful and right response in every situation instead of automatic, habitual reactions. Awareness of having options and making choices in every scene increases self control.
  4. Stick to your values and principles, use them fearlessly with everyone and in every situation. For example, admit to your mistake and apologize even if it will have a serious consequence. Likewise, obey traffic rules even if you are the only one on the road.
  5. Choose carefully everything you read, watch, listen and converse. Follow principles of right eating and drinking without giving in to temptations. Do what is right and healthy for you without seeking public approval.

During his childhood, the human resources leader had a gala time. He was his parents’ only child. So, like in many families, they had spoilt him silly. Despite his rather first grade education, he always seemed to mouth more than required.

After he married, his spouse tried telling him once or twice that his habit of speaking more than required was being noticed. He needed to have more self-control. But hey, he was the man and he needed no telling from anyone.

The company started to go through some bad times and as a leader he was called upon to show very focused direction on the human resources end. Clarity and purpose were required from him.

But here he was, mouthing off on people and behaving like a lout when wisdom was the watchword. The management took note. He was asked to leave the job. He didn’t know what went wrong.

His spouse who was also working for another corporation told him the truth. He needed to control his ways. His thoughts. His words and actions. He couldn’t give in to situations and get tempted to act like a brute.

He needed to change. She advised him to do simple things right.

Self-control can be achieved by small but powerful changes, from meditation to thought processes during the meditation.

She said that self-control is a result of small changes in his daily routine. Meditation is the first way. He should watch his thoughts develop during meditation. From one level to another. Not interrupt his thoughts. It will help in controlling his mind and he could create a beautiful relationship with it thereon.

Wait before responding powerfully and with the right responses.

He should wait till he develops a very powerful and right response in his interactions during the day with others. He should think it over before he delivered the response through his experience and expertise. He should make use of all his options and make some innovative and powerful choices. It increases his self-control invariably.

Sticking to values and principles helps course correction swiftly and easily and become the master of his mind and body.

He should stick to his values and principles. Admit to mistakes and apologize where required to show the needed self-control. Use the same power to do or reject other routines like driving, eating or exercising. Remind himself that he is a powerful being, creative in thoughts, words, behaviour and focused. He can listen and act on good things. He is focused on goodness and cannot be swerved by public opinion. He is the master of his mind and body.

The leader opened his own consulting firm some months later and his principles have brought him some good clients already. His new clients are from Europe and his spouse wants to join him in his consulting business. What a turnaround!

Say this to yourself to master self control

I am a powerful being.

I am the creator of my every thought, word, behaviour.

I use my mind in the right way.

Situations may not my way.

My mind is always my way.

I choose where to focus, what to see, what to listen, what to speak.

I see the goodness in everyone.

I am untouched by public opinions.

I live a disciplined life.

I am the master of my mind.

I am the master of my body.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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