Overcome Job Insecurity

“I am committed to my work. I embrace self-esteem and let go of my insecurities.” – Overcome Job insecurity

We are so connected and settled with our jobs, that if we happen to loose it, we feel like a failure. We need to overcome the stress of job insecurity.

  1. It is important to enjoy going to work daily. Be passionate and committed about your every task. Give your best, achieve your goals and enjoy success. But be emotionally independent.
  2. Vibrations of fear and insecurity deplete your emotional health, affecting performance. Work with the sense of belonging to experience positive energy. Set high ethical standards. Be cheerful, share knowledge and upscale your self.
  3. The value you add and the goodwill you earn will be appreciated. If for any reason if you loose a job, do not panic or fear. Those are moments when you really need to take care of yourself. Eat healthy, meditate, exercise, sleep well, keep you mind and body strong. Remember that organisations want to hire emotionally and physically strong individuals.
  4. Your skills, experience, work, talent, values, achievements are all your assets, they are with you always. Be optimistic, focus on new openings and have faith, the best job is waiting for you. Have faith that whatever happens is accurate and beneficial.

Job Insecurity – Listen and reaffirm


Job Insecurity – The Story

The lady was despondent. She was the sole earning member of a large family and the company had announced its intention to reduce the workforce. She was terrified that she was a part of the workforce that would be asked to leave.

Her father was old and ailing. He saw the terrified face of his daughter. He didn’t know what he could do to alleviate her fear. So, he reached out to a friend who was a mechanic in a machine factory.

The friend came in and heard the father out. Then, they both waited for the lady to come back from work. She came. She folded her hands in namaste when she saw her ageing mechanic uncle after a long while. She thought as to why he was here after a long time.

The matter came to the fore after dinner. The mechanic had already noticed the lady’s fearful and insecure face during dinner. So, he laid out the facts of life after dinner, about jobs and how one could make them secure.

Enjoy going to work and show off your passion and commitment.

He explained that as a mechanic, he prided on his work with the machines. He spoke about his machines in glowing terms to the management. He knew everything about those machines. He didn’t need job cards. He could tell from two years back about every service the machines had undergone. He asked her to give her best. Success will arrive.

Fear and insecurity deplete emotional health and that affects performance.

As a mechanic, he concentrated only on performance. Similarly, she could also do just that. Work with a sense of belonging. The rest is not in your hands. Your performance and your sense of belonging will speak for itself. You will add value to the company. If you do lose the job, make yourself emotionally strong to make the best if anything that comes along.

Job insecurity

You may lose the job after all kinds of preparation. Don’t panic or fear. Calibrate yourself for the next opportunity. Eat healthy, meditate, exercise and sleep well. Do the job search and use your well-earned contacts to work for you. Respect everyone. Things will happen. Even from unknown sources.

Remember that your skills, experience, talent, values, strengths and achievements are your assets. Your being optimistic and energetic is what is needed. Do that and excel in this job or grab the next one fastest.

She did exactly that. Went back and performed with all her energy and passion. One day, she found a new solution to an accounting problem and the company made a tax benefit of 3 million dollars. That was it, she was soaring!

Let us revise our affirmations – Overcome job insecurity

I am a successful being.

I am sincere, hardworking.

I step out of my comfort zone.

I constantly upgrade my skills.

I am creative.

I respect and appreciate people I work with.

I cooperate with them.

I give gratitude always to them for letting me a part of their team and organisation.

I belong to the place, it’s my family, I will always be there.

I am safe, secure and successful always.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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