Overcome your EGO.

We wish to finish ego, but aren’t sure what it is and how to let it go.

  1. Ego is attachment to a wrong image of oneself. The truth is that you are a pure, conscient energy. Everything which you acquire from birth to death is YOURS, it is not YOU. When you believe your body, gender, religion, position, relationship, to be your identity, you have created a wrong image of yourself.
  2. You get attached to this wrong image and you fear losing it. This fear makes you create stress, anxiety, anger, hurt or jealousy.
  3. You expect people to behave with you according to the image you have created about yourself and the image you have of how people should behave with you.
  4. Acquire position, relations, property and skills, but don’t make them your identity. Remain humble, care for them as a  trustee.
  5. Don’t connect with people based on roles. You are a pure being interacting with another pure being. This Will keep you humble always. You will be your natural self with everyone.

The bitter man sat in his study and reflected about what had just happened. He was at this company get-together. People were rejoicing a new contract. He was at the helm of the affair as he was the leader of the group as the Vice-president in the company. A very young one, incidentally. He had just told an associate something he chose not to listen. He had raised his voice and the young man turned around and rebuked him!

In a flash, everyone in the room, was laughing at him. He protested. Then someone announced publicly that they had won the contract despite their leader. It was public humiliation. He left the room and had returned home to his study.

How did this happen? The quiet moment enabled one answer. His uncontrollable ego had brought him to this state.

So, what was to be done now? How to say goodbye to it?

Ego is your attachment to a false self-image you have created. When you are unaware of your identity as a pure being, you identify with everything you have acquired.

You acquire this body, gender, relations, property, position, and skills in this lifetime, and sometimes make them your identity. You get attached to this identity. Where there is attachment, there will be fear of losing. This fear makes you create insecurity, stress, anger, hurt and jealousy.

When you consider acquired labels as your identity, you interact with people on the same basis. If someone disagrees with this identity of yours, you feel insulted.

Be your original, pure self and radiate your qualities of love and humility.

Remain humble. Humility keeps you conscious of being equal, not superior or inferior to anyone. Ego demands respect whereas humility enables you to give respect and naturally receive respect without seeking it.

You can do it through meditation, through people who keep you grounded or through choices. Choices of not interacting based on people’s roles, age or accomplishments. Choices of behaving respectfully with everyone. Little things that can change direction for you.

You are a humble being, and ego is a terrible vice polluting your consciousness. Strike it off.

Remind yourself that you are a pure being and you will interact humbly with the world, create loveful relationships based on respect and trust, and be a trustee to all earthly acquisitions.

The bitter man is no longer bitter. He started out by taking a public conveyance to office. Then, shared food with colleagues in the cafeteria. He’s on the mend.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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