People hesitate to approach you?

“Radiate welcoming energy so people find it easy to approach and connect with you.” – Don’t let people hesitate to approach you!

People are comfortable connecting with us when we are approachable, friendly and easy to talk. When we take interest in what someone says, they feel cared for. Being approachable develops strong relationships.

  1. Bring your relationships on your mind and check – do you radiate a feeling of being available for people? Are you equally respectful to everyone? Can you empathize, relate to others and communicate freely? Is your body language right in your interactions?
  2. People feel comfortable not because of what you have, but because of what you radiate to them. Meditate on any value like peace or compassion daily, so you can radiate them in your interactions.
  3. The more knowledge, skill or wealth you have, increase your humility. Otherwise ego becomes a barrier to being approachable. It makes you want respect and not give it.
  4. Pause for a minute every hour to clean your mind. You can then remain stable and respond right, when people share ideas, issues, feedback or even mistakes. Understand people focus on their qualities and forgive them even if they are not right.

People hesitate to approach you? – The Story

The General Manager came to office everyday at 8.30 am in the morning. People couldn’t understand as to why he did that when the organisation started actually working at 10 am. He sat and did all his paperwork, mail and notes for work ahead when no one was still around.

Then, he shut his laptop and waited for others. He had an open door policy. Anyone could walk in and ask anything. He answered their queries. He then sat in the conference room and did his morning meeting. He lingered beyond the meeting to chat with people who he felt needed some good words.

Then, he went around the organisation, striking up meaningful and work-based conversations with people of all types: workers, engineers, loaders, marketing people or salesmen. He learnt a lot. He enabled some too.

Then, after lunch, he sat in his office. He waited for clients and colleagues to come in and get problems resolved at allocated timings. Some came just like that. He made time for all.

His deputy asked him as to what makes him do such things or what drives him.

He asked the deputy if he had ever asked himself a simple question – Was he always available for people?

Be approachable, relate to others and communicate freely.

Be available to people. Work with them. Talk to them. Be respectful to everyone. Keep the right body language. Laugh with them. Take interest in what they say. Listen. It all adds up to improve your day and theirs.

Have an open mind to give what you can.

You may have all the knowledge in the world and all the skills but if you aren’t willing to share it with people, it doesn’t mean much. Give whatever you have. If nothing, give time. Lend an ear. Let people feel comfortable talking to you and go back gaining something.

Increase your humility, as you rise in position and role

Our purpose of life is to serve others with humility. Keep aside ego to remove mental or physical barriers between you and others. Treat everyone you meet as equals, with love and acceptance for who they are.

Take one minute after every hour to clean your mind up to be more receptive to people when they interact with you. Remind yourself that you are in the best position to help others with such a receptive mind. Your being approachable is your biggest plus. Your success is assured.

The deputy understood the General Manager fully. He needed no further proof when he saw that the organisation had taken a leap of 30% in sales revenues at the end of that year. The approachability evidently worked wonders!

Let’s revise our affirmation to always be approachable –

I am a caring being.

I create pure thoughts.

I radiate respect to all.

Humility is my personality.

I adjust with every behaviour. They make mistakes. I am stable. I understand their behaviour.

My thoughts are welcoming.

My words are comforting.

My my voice is friendly.

People are comfortable talking to me, sharing ideas, discussing issues.

I listen to them. I pay attention to them.

We exchange an energy of ease.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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