Positive Energy – How To Increase Positive Energy In Home?

Every place carries a certain energy created by the state of mind of the people there. Visiting certain places, we feel very calm, other places we feel low. What is the energy of your home?

  1. Take responsibility of keeping your home energized. At every moment, the energy you create in your mind is the energy you radiate to your home. So create peace and happiness.
  2. Meditate daily and study spiritual knowledge. It sets the tone for high energy thoughts, words and behaviour throughout the day.
  3. Speak less, speak slowly and speak softly. Adjust with people’s behaviours. If there is a difference of opinion, express your views assertively, not angrily. Abstain from conflicts, criticism and gossip.
  4. Never have periods of negative silence after a difference of opinion. Get back to normal behaviour immediately.
  5. Do not force others to change, though know what is right for them. When you think and live right they automatically absorb your vibrations and get inspired to change.

The lady constantly lectured and berated her children. Her husband, when he appeared, constantly ordered her and the entire household to behave or be in a certain way. Into that household, one day, an uncle walked. He was a retired police officer with a very high reputation.

The uncle saw what was happening in the household and waited for the right moment to tell the lady, his niece, as to what was going wrong. The moment came after a particularly bitter squabble between the children and the lady in which the husband had also to say a few things. The disgusted children had trooped off to their rooms and the hysterical parents had started blaming each other.

The uncle interrupted their blame game and started speaking to them.

Their home was supposed to have a high energy field created by the collective thoughts of the people within. When negative energies of anger, pain or stress clash, the collective vibrational frequency of the home drops to extremely low levels and drain its inhabitants emotionally.

What you are doing is draining everyone’s energy.

Create peace and happiness, that’s your responsibility, not others’.

You must take responsibility of energizing your home. Positive energy is created in your mind with conscious creation of positive thoughts, and they radiate throughout the home. Everyone at home absorb these vibrations and will be influenced positively.

High energy thoughts are easy to create, with meditation and spiritual knowledge.

Meditation sets the tone for the day. Your children will imbibe this practice from you and become high energy individuals too. It sets the path to right thoughts, words and behaviour for them through the day.

Assert your difference of opinion firmly but softly.

You just need to be what you want your children to be. Do not gossip or berate anyone. It negates the positive energy flow. Speak less using high energy words as that allows your opinion to be respected when given. Have no negative period of silence at home even if there is a difference of opinion. Bounce back to normal. Make the effort. It helps you. It helps others.

Do not force people to change. They know what’s right for them. Guide them. They learn more seeing you how you behave, rather than what you say to them. Remind yourself that when you think and live right, others automatically absorb the vibrations that you create and are compelled to transform.

The lady and her husband tried their best in the ensuing months. The children transformed radically. The older son just passed high school with an eye-popping grade and the delighted parents thank the uplifting, high-energy environment back home.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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