Possessive Over Things? – Get Freedom from Possessiveness

“Take better care of things like a trustee does – no possessiveness, so no fear of losing it.”

The need for material comforts is fine but becoming possessive about them is unhealthy. Treating objects like status symbols, we can’t seem to have enough of greatest and the latest versions. It is important to draw boundaries between who we are and how to treat what we have.

  1. Remind yourself that your happiness is not dependent on what you have. You are always happy, regardless of your wealth or possessions.
  2. Objects give physical comfort. When we believe that objects give us happiness, or get us respect from people, we seek emotional comfort in what we own. The mind lives in fear of losing them, because losing them would mean losing happiness and respect.
  3. Practice that your mind is not dependent on your possessions. Use it and take care of it as a trustee. No dependency or addiction. Use it only how much and when needed.
  4. Practice detachment by sharing what you have. Stable if you lose it. It’s only a possession, many more to get on the journey of life. Let go of the objects when not in use.

The banker invited some friends over. He had just bought a new penthouse and he wanted to show his friends how he had made it in life. They all trooped into his living room and sat in the numerous chairs and sofas that had been set up.

The banker started telling them about the objects in the living room. The sofa is bought on rider from that furniture company. This table is real teak and he’s imported it from Mexico. That chair is gotten from an auction and it dates back to 1877 and was a part of the Maharaja of Patiala’s home back then. It went on.

Then he took the group to the study room. He showed them his sound equipment, his mega LED television screen, his projector that’s from a German manufacturer, his collection of videos. He showed his latest mobile that had apps that could connect this room to his screen and thereby his entertainment requirements.

The group was getting tired of hearing about his possessions. And his continuous obsessive commentary about all of them and how they were so dear to him.

All they could see was a self-absorbed and emotionally troubled human being. They knew it was not wise to be possessive or obsessed about things.

Objects of possession bring physical comfort, not happiness which is emotional comfort.

All these things of possession are designed solely for their utility, not for giving happiness. It is our thoughts about owning them, which makes us happy. Achievements and possessions can get us regard, not happiness and respect.

Possessiveness over anything creates a fear of losing them.

Objects only give us physical comfort. Try crying to a car. It won’t comfort you. We seek emotional comfort with them. Actually, we fear losing them and therefore losing our peace. Physical comfort is different from emotional comfort. Happiness, peace and love are our internal creation and can be created irrespective of external comforts.

Don’t be possessive, Possessiveness will deplete your energy. Be a master, not a slave to the things you own.

You are not dependent on your possessions. Use them for your comfort. Be ready to sell or give them away if you don’t have a need for them anymore. Seek to detach from them emotionally.

Buy all that you need, but with clarity that you don’t seek happiness or respect out of possessing them. Take care of them like a trustee. A trustee cares for things without fear, possessiveness or control. Remind yourself that you are a strong person and you do not need objects to show to people that you are doing well in life. Your mind and your work should be enough.

The banker faced a market crash and lost his job. Last heard, he had sold several of his possessions and moved to a new city to work with a medium sized fund. He’s switched to a simple lifestyle.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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