Public Speaking: Cure The Fear

“I focus on being understood by people listening to me, not on being evaluated by them.” – Learn the art of Public Speaking

Did you know that public speaking is amongst the most feared activities in the world. Some of us feel it is not our strength and fear being judged.

  1. Public speaking is an essential skill to effectively convey what we want to. Your thoughts, feelings, personality, values, they are all a packet of your energy called vibrations. These vibrations reach people before your words. They are the first level of communication , so keep them pure.
  2. Meditation and daily study of spiritual knowledge every morning keeps your thoughts clean. When you start thinking right, you will no longer need to be careful with your words. You will speak what you think, believe and live by.
  3. Focus on conveying the message, not on impressing your listeners. Do not compare or compete with others. Stand by the truth. Untouched by the people’s opinions.
  4. Visualise yourself respectfully sharing what is on your mind, your wisdom, skills, views or experiences with the selfless intention of giving. Visualise people who receive your message getting positively influenced.

Let us listen and revise our affirmations – Public Speaking


Public Speaking – The Story

The father was irritated. He said, “Just speak. What’s there in public speaking. Just take up the mike, look at the audience, and start!”

The son said, “Father, haven’t I already tried that? I get all clammy. My hands have this cold sweat. My mouth goes dry and I am never able to formulate sentences at all.”

The father is more irritated, “Practice then. Stand in front of the mirror. Talk to yourself. What is this? In our days, we used to just go up and talk. What’s there to fear in this?”

The elder sister watched this interplay happening from the other end of the table. She had to intervene.

“Listen brother, public speaking does not happen because you want it to happen. There is a process and that process is both in your head and in your preparation. I could help you if you want.”, she said.

Your vibrations should be positive as they reach the people before you speak.

What are your vibrations made of? That’s energy. The energy is made of your thoughts, feelings, personality, and values. Add your experiences and education and you have a very good mix. This creates the vibrations. You have to write your speech using all this. Then reach the public platform where you will speak. Your energy and your script will give you the confidence. That will transmit to the crowds. You will feed off that reverberation.

Public Speaking

Inner strength will help you in thinking right.

Your thoughts need to be clean as it all starts there. To do that, meditate and do some spiritual studies. It brings levity and moderation in your speaking. It also brings a level of passion. You will think right, and a flow of speech will happen that will be pure and distinct. You will not have to worry about the next word or sentence. You will speak what you think, believe, and live by.

Visualise your speech and the impact of it.

You share what’s on your mind. Share your wisdom, skills, views, opinions, experiences, and have that selfless intention of “giving”. Visualise the impact this creates. It will energise you and easily take you to a greater level of public speaking performance.

Focus on conveying the message. Remind yourself that you aren’t there to impress. You are there to give a message. Don’t outshout or even try to outshine others. There’s no competition. Just stand by the truth and be passionate.

He did it. He did exactly as his sister told him to do. He prepared well and he shone on stage. He won his first election through that first speech. He went on to win many elections. As a lawyer, he won many cases in the court with his knowledge, wit, and persuasive speeches.

Let us revise our affirmations – Public Speaking

I am a powerful being.

My thoughts, words, behaviours are in harmony.

I am honest.

I am authentic

I live what I speak.

I meditate daily to energise my self.

I share with people all I know, my wisdom, skills, experiences.

My intentions are pure to share.

I seek not to impress.

I am untouched by people’s opinion.

I talk to them.

My words are pure, soft, slow and respectful.

I am confident.

I am my natural self.

Positive Mind. Positive Thoughts. Positive Life.

Apurva Popat

Apurva Popat

Dr Apurva Popat has been teaching Medical science since he was in his medical school and has helped many students to master medical and spiritual knowledge.

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